AG Secret Santa 2021

I would like to start off by giving @Githany_Red something nice. I see him as a beacon in th AG movement and would like to see him rewarded. Any ideas? I’d love to hear from him personally.



Nice sentiment, an ISK gift is probably the best way to help the AG movement. Next time I log into the game I’ll make a donation for AG.


I’m pretty sure that the doubling of the barge EHPs covers all of the AGs for this Christmas.

Next year, after the new gank characters are finished training and the gankers double their firepower, maybe not so much.


Githany likes nice shiny ship skins

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Any isk I get will go to corp for skills and ships for our new players and the wah ship replacement fund . :joy:

Destiny I like how you say words …


My Xmas list.

People send me killrights.

Also learn to fit your ships .

Spend part of your time helping us .
( Or if your a ganker fan help them)

Destiny to post a cool Xmas picture.

Aiko be nice to a miner and when they pay you to replace their mining ship you actually do after you just popped there first one.

And ccp to fix the war Dec sys .

Think that’s it

Can other people write there list too .


I am nice. That’s why I euthanize them.


Prepare to be disappointed. :frowning:

Haha it’s been a while since I had a genuine lol from the forums. Thank you.

Merry Christmas @Githany_Red

2021.12.09 11:35 Player Donation -1,000,000,000 ISK [r] Codename Razorback deposited cash into Githany Red’s account


I reserve myself the right to fit my ships the way I want.

You all are not the boss of me.

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Wow thank you @Codename_Razorback this will be put to good use.

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Nothing to worry about because emboldened by the increased EHP the miners will halve (or beyond) their EHP to fit for more yield as per their usual mindset. :wink:

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It doesn’t matter, because it would still take more ships/accounts than before to kill them. Gankers are still going to gank, CCP just made it take additional subscriptions to do so; subscriptions that will need to be funded by additional ganking. This is what carebears don’t seem to get. These changes aren’t for them, but for CCP. This is CCP’s way of selling more accounts to players. Gank targets are actually worse off because of this, because now there’s a higher quota to fill. Lowering gank requirements might’ve actually resulted in less ganking since it would foster complacency on the part of gankers.

Not really. There’ll be less lol ganks as it’s simply more expensive and you need more players characters.

In case of for profit ganking the profitability calculations will be different as the break even point will be higher.

Barges are rarely ganked for profit. Especially the cheaper T1 barges.


You just know some miners will be using ORE modules :slight_smile:

YES! That is my dream for every expensive hull to be nicely travel tanked and the shiny goods hauled separately. 1 educated person at a time.