Secret santa again?

Shall we do another secret santa thingy again? Well, not really secret santa cause you know who is giving you the item.

Id start, but im shy. If someone else could post one, ill gladly join, however.

What’s the secret Santa thing ?

post below you gets you something fun and contracts it in-game.

Ok I’ll play, present enroute Happy whatever Solonius Rex…

Present sent. Enjoy Solonius.

I want free stuff

I wonder what worthless trash CCP will give out this year that will end up being trashed 15 seconds after claiming… Remember when CCP did anything relevant? Neither do i…

Is there like an ISK requirement / limit how expensive this gift should be? Also should it be useful or it can be novelty items like special commodities and such? Some more info might encourage more people to participate… I guess. :thinking:

I still haven’t received my free stuff

Post in the new, official thread.

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