Secret Santa 2021

It’s the time of the year again and christmas is coming!!!

Secret santa is back again, yeah!

The Rules are simple:

  • Post in the thread(and only) if you are requesting a gift
  • Give the poster above you a gift
    Simple, isn’t it?

In your post you can request whatever you want, but the character sending you the gift has no obligation to give it. But you have to give him something.

If you don’t receive a gift or your gift sucks, please sort this out via PM/Ingame chats, don’t flame this thread please.

Some general guidelines to prevent abuse:

  • Check the character INGAME(!) before sending him a gift, especially when he requests something expensive and claims to send something expensive. Also, wait until the character above him confirms before sending him the gift. Unfortunately like any giveaways, this makes people wanna make a shitload of alpha alts to farm the hell out of it.
  • A good idea of proof is to make a screenshot of the contract and edit your post with it after having sent the gift.
  • I will be giving a gift to the last Person on December 26 at DT.

What I want for Xmas is a Pirate BS for ESS combat
From CCP I want to have back the old Abyssal arena (you used to have 2 gates in tier 3+ sites)

@grimaxemorpher Confirm having received the gifts, thx :slight_smile:


Sent an abysall 100mn for it in a separate contract not a battleship but still really valuable in the ess plus easier to keep alive looking for a kronos so i can use my police skin or any other maradur


Removed some inappropriate posts and posts related to it.

Have fun with Secret Santa!


Sent 100m - YouTube

Ho Ho Ho

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Shouldn’t S33k3R Kions be the next one to get a gift? If you give him/her something then you’ll be the next one if i’m not mistaken.

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Yep if he doesn’t receive one by when I log on imma send him something

Gift sent to Moriar theChosen

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Removed some spam. Knock it off. No more warnings.

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@Codename_Razorback @Surama_Badasaz @S33k3R_Kions sent you all some gifts
gift 3

would really like a mardur kronos in particular

Deimos received


@grimaxemorpher I can’t accept ganker contracts…:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::joy::rofl:

Sent ya 15m isk in that case

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I have something cool for you, give me a minute

pc crashed

I want either a Rattlesnake or a Golem

I’m not sure that’s how this whole thing works.

Deimos = 195m
Rattlesnake = 1b
Golem = 1.6b

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