Secret Santa 2019

It’s the time of the year again and christmas is coming!!!

So I thought it would be nice to make the Secret Santa again like others did in the past years.

The Rules are simple:

  • Post in the thread(and only) if you are requesting a gift
  • Give the poster above you a gift
    Simple, isn’t it?

In your post you can request whatever you want, but the character sending you the gift has no obligation to give it. But you have to give him something.

If you don’t receive a gift or your gift sucks, please sort this out via PM/Ingame chats, don’t flame this thread please.

Some general guidelines to prevent abuse:

  • Check the character INGAME(!) before sending him a gift, especially when he requests something expensive and claims to send something expensive. Also, wait until the character above him confirms before sending him the gift. Unfortunately like any giveaways, this makes people wanna make a shitload of alpha alts to farm the hell out of it.

  • A good idea of proof is to make a screenshot of the contract and edit your post with it after having sent the gift.

  • I will give a gift to the last post on JANUARY 5th, making it last for total 6 weeks.

What I like for Xmas is a Cerberus :slight_smile:

@Solonius_Rex Cerb received thx a lot :slight_smile:

Update: When posting, make sure you can make the contract and add screenshot of it in a reasonable time, waiting until the person gets home from work etc sucks, they could post when they are at home.
Posts older than 2h without screenshot of contract or confirmation above can be assumed not valid.

Update 2: If you want to gift abyssal stuff, add a screenshot of the mutations of every module in your post.


I did this last year and it was a bust some people got gifts some did not.

Maybe confirm you got a gift before buying the next one?

Edit I saw you already posted that. Confirmation of a gift would definately be good. Also no characters that are less than like a week old maybe?

Also sure I’ll gift you a cerb. Can I shitfit it?

Done, sent. Best Cerb Ever. Kill all the pods you want, and the plex will be a gift for anyone who has the skills to kill you in this magnificent ship.

Ill take a shitfit cruiser. Any cruiser. So long as its shitfit.

Confirmed, i got an exquisitely genius-level fit ship. Thanks @Jackie_Lester


You asked for it.

Actually I quite like it. I’ve also packaged an awful skin into the contract, just to accentuate its uniqueness.

I’d like something droney, with drones in it that I can put outside of it and then call them back on a whim.

Update: Wow, thanks @Darius_Caliente - wasn’t expecting that! All received and greatly appreciated :slight_smile:


Personally, I like faction BS, but I like smaller, cheaper things too.

Updated with contract:

This is the biggest drone (not fighter) ship I can think of in the game:

Update: Thanks @Bonsailinse I do love the Nightmare.


I want one dozen Quafe Zeros for Christmas so I can get diabetes. And one ishtar for inrl friends I might get someday to play with me.


Sorry Gustav, but waiting sucks.
I gifted Darius a Nightmare because it’s my favorite faction (pirates are factions, too!) battleship <3

I wish something I can haul in, any size, up to the cheapest carrier so I can at least simulate a jump freighter.

Update: Thank you so much @Omar_Inkura <3
He’s a great corpmate so I consider his promise as good as already fulfilled :slight_smile:


You’ll have a carrier waiting for you in a few days.

I’d love any capital ship BPC/if you’re feeling generous, a BPO


I’m a newbro, and there is no way in heck I can afford a BPO of anything XD

Buuuut I can afford a BPC pack of a dread or carrier.

I’ll contract it over to you within 12 hours :stuck_out_tongue: (not able to get in game right now)

If you have a specific carrier / dread you’d like PM or message me in game and I’ll grab that. (No faction stuff! I can’t afford that!)

(If I’m not doing this correctly I’m sorry!)

(If you’d rather someone else did this so you’re more likely to get a BPO just tell me and I’ll delete this)

I request something now right?

I’ve always wanted to fly a capital, but I’m waaaaaaaay far away from that, even if I trained right into it.

Sooo instead I’d love a faction cruiser :stuck_out_tongue:

I can fly the amarr faction ones and the phantasm / ashimu / the sisters of eve one

If you want to fit it feel free, but the only t2 Medium guns I can do are lasers, and I can’t fly t2 heavy drones.

So you could make a fit with a bunch of stuff I can’t fly for the memes if that tickles you pink XD


I did it!
Enjoy the fireworks that I added!
(I got the BPC off a Corp mate for cheap :p)


Ill contract you a navy omen or ahimmu(i used to use mine 24/7):slight_smile:

I’ve been grinding pve non stop to get a nice ship or omega so i can train again, so i would LOVE a fit supercarrier or carrier but anything is appreciated. :slight_smile:
sorry if request is too much , If a carrier is too much could i perhaps please have a rattlesnake or Marauder?
thanks all for this wonderful event!


What a nice concept! Never been a part of this before but it sure looks fun. However this is going to be a bit unclear:

I’m a returning player who has been on and off for some years now. I don’t really have any specific requests. Recently I have started scratching the surface of industry, producing some T1 stuff (mining crystals, drones etc.) after buying some T1 BPOs. But I am also investing in mining, having bought some exhumers. I got my first Orca ever yesterday, and I’m very excited about it even though the skills to properly use it is a long list…

Anyway. I’m writing this because I dont really have a specific request, but rather areas of interest. Also I dont have very much to offer, but worst case I could always offer a decent PLEX gift :slight_smile:

EDIT: Jomijo Shock I don’t have the skills to pilot a Rattlesnake, but if it’s possible to buy one and contract to you without having the skills to actually fly it, I can contract one to you. I just have to get home from work first :slight_smile:

EDIT 2: Merry Xmas!


Here you go @Dezvipe my handsome friend.

Probably best if you mine indoors. Contract inbound.

I would like a reason to play. Gift me with something that will make me want to undock… I’m thinking something unassuming on the outside, but dastardly in the middle. A bit like the coffee flavoured Revels.

@Joey_Belvar thank you


@Mortlake I got you fam! I have a collection of cheap and nasty bait ships! I send you a few of them since they aren’t super expensive.

I’d really like a Vindi - or if you wanna keep it budget, a Baltec Hyper Mega!

@Peresagruska - lol wow, Baltec1 would be very upset to see that fit :joy: :joy: :joy: is the Baltec Hyper Mega :smiley:


contract will be Ready in a few minutes!

What I want for Xmas is a nice ship for doing null sec DED sites


your Baltic hyper mega has been sent togheter with a nice scout ship

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I can’t tell you how long I’ve wanted a marauder. It’s been that long. Please santa plzzzzzzz

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@DerpiestTony @HaVoK_Betrayed

Please follow the rules to secret santa. Dont just post “I want X give me X”, you have to actually give someone above you a gift with screenshot of the contract.


@Peresagruska heyy
I think an Ishtar will do the work
hope you like it

And for Xmas, I’d like to get something unusual that can surprise me!
@ZhiHu_Chi tql


@2304_penguin Hohoho, you’re a good boy. You’ve done well in the past year. Guess what I got for you!

Hope Orthrus-chan could make your day. May your Christmas be merry and the New Year Bright.

For my Secret Santa, I hope I can get an Ashimmu or a Legion xD

EDIT: Legion Received. Thank you @Insidious_Sainthood, I can now pew pew around with my legion LOL , Merry Christmas .

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Glad to help with your laser supremacy dreams. Contract will be up when I get home.

I know it’s a bit big but I would like a replacement for the Golem I lost to a drive by dread while fighting a newbro fleet.

If too pricey, a pile of cheapo sub caps to whelp on the charity stream this weekend



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I got u bro. A Golem is right coming for you. I hope I wouldn’t be this beauty’s first blood XD.

I really wanna try deadspace and I love rattlesnake; so can I get a well fitted rattlesnake for deadspace 10-10? XD

btw, Merry Christmas ~

Edit:OMG bro, I just got the beauty you give me. That’s so awesome, I really appreciate that, and thank you. Merry Christmas!! @DeMichael_Crimson


Sry bro, waiting sucks. I’ll cancel the contract now, but when you get home, poke me.
now I wanna fly the golem around Jita for a while lol

Time to sleep =.= See you in 6 hrs

Golem goes again to you