Eve Online Official Secret Santa thread!

(Solonius Rex) #1

So this happened, so i might as well just make it.

This is the EVE Online official Secret Santa Thread!

Rules are, only post if you are requesting a present. You must give the person above you, a present.

There is no ISK limit on presents, but it must be an EVE Online item.

You can also request what youd like in your post. But the person who posts next has no obligation to give you what you requested. You still need to give them something, though.

For the Next person, please do not give the gift to me. Please send it to @Noctis_Locus because she has already given me a gift. She is next in line.

Feel free to thank the person for the gift, though! One gift per person, though.

As a side note, I will be giving a gift to the last person that posts on december 25th, to make this all come full circle.


Advents-Give-Away 2018 für D-A-CH Spieler // 5 jahre Give-Away
(Noctis Nellie) #2

You got the Orca I sent you then.

(Solonius Rex) #3

Yes, thank you. As i stated in the post, the next person to receive something from someone should be you.

(Pleasure Hub Node-514) #4

Requesting an exotic male dancer, please.

(Famine Aligher'ri) #5

I can do that!

(Mordecai Fauntleroy Caine) #6

I’d like to walk in stations again…


(Solonius Rex) #7

Okay guys this is not a request thread, you have to give something to the person before you and then request somthing else.

Also, not a request from CCP thread either.

Please follow the rules.

(Salt Foambreaker) #8

Gives Sol a dictionary…

Wants the rules

(Solonius Rex) #9

Look at the original post. Thought it was pretty clear there.

(Salt Foambreaker) #10

I was following along, someone was supposed to give me the rules…

(Famine Aligher'ri) #11

Thanks for the gift!

(Meilin Nightstalker) #12

Person before me didn’t request anything so I just ask for a present… LOL

I want a Kronos :speak_no_evil:

I’ll be damned
This guy is F*ing legit
@loonitunen Gift received… thanks a lot bro

(loonitunen) #13

One kronos comming whitin this weekend

Edit next time i log on

@Anataine_Deva Gift reciveed and many thanks
@Meilin_Nightstalker Gift contracted

(Anataine Deva) #14

Got you looni! Gift incoming!


@Gustav_Mannfred Thank you a lot! Gift received. :heart:

(Gustav Mannfred) #16

gift coming soon

edit: Gift up @anataine Deva

(Gustav Mannfred) #17

I want a Damnation, that ship looks so sexy

@ Earnest Emu received the gift, thx a lot

(Earnest Emu) #18

I will sort out Gustav with his request, guess my pally can wait.
@Gustav_Mannfred Contract up from alt, got you a little something extra to keep you warm also … hehehe

I’ll take anything…

(Peresagruska) #19

gift coming soon

looking for a Deimos

(Pearl Abyss Diver) #20

I request the gift of your best micro-transaction proposal…or some clothes for me to ‘level-up’ in the abyss.

(Neo Detonation) #21

I thought you meant SKINs…nope you meant clothes lol. You’ll have stuff as soon as I can get on.

Meanwhile, my life’s dream is to multibox 30 Hels, but if that isn’t doable for you, I can settle for less. :smirk: