Every Year I Do a Youl Video Series

Now I have to go huntings for stuff

No offence CCP but WTAF.

I do the videos to show CCPS nice nature, this year you’ve given us a huge middle finger

Cmon, Seriously?

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What did you get last year that was so special?

suck it up

For those not in the know, could you elaborate as to the nature of this middle-fingering?

CCP normally give out useless and worthless gifts at Christmas. This year they have arranged an event where anybody who cares can go work for their useless / worthless Christmas gifts. OP is annoyed and thinks others should care also.

Ah, I see.

@ OP, you already have a video playlist for combat anomalies in addition to your videos about Xmas gifts. Couldn’t you combine the two concepts? I mean it’s obviously not optimal compared to how CCP’s handled things in the past, but you might be able to get something good out of it.

I may have to :frowning:

I’m not sure how large and active your Twitch following is, but perhaps you could make a community event of it, crowdsource the rewards from your followers. You could provide a reward to the first pilot to contract each new item to you until you’ve collected the lot, perhaps mention their pilot name in a video review of the items (“here is ______ gag item, collected by _____”).

Perhaps I’m being naive, but that sounds kind of fun to me. It’s kind of like that event CCP did years ago with the Jove body parts, or the more recent event that determined the release order of the T3Ds.

I’m not a Twitch guy tbh. I do YouTube, 1200 subscribers, mostly live stream small gang stuff. I am thinking about how to do it tntie :slight_smile:

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