Christmas events

In the spirit of Christmas disable all warp disruption during the event and lets relax.

In the spirit of Christmas set safety to red, and let’s enjoy the loot.

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In the spirit of Christmas let’s enjoy 100% loot and implant drop rate. Sharing is caring! :wink:



in the spirit of christmast lets double all alpha dmg :wink:

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In the spirit of Christmas send Princess Aiko 1 billion Isk

@Iceacid_Frostpacker you already did that for all of us so we don’t have to. :wink:

Please refrain from pinging me with to read dumb stuff!

@Iceacid_Frostpacker you’ve already paid that ISK in the name of all capsuleers of New Eden. :wink:


What I send to Princess is not your concern. Don’t be a troll.

Nothing trolling about it. You make public announcements of it then it is everyone’s business and can be cited publicly just the same. :blush:

@Uriel_the_Flame You Are Not My Princess!

Gladly that is true. And neither Aiko is for that matter. You still owe her like 25 bil worth of ISK to can claim that relationship status again. :smiling_imp:

In the spirit of Christmas let my golem absolutely demolish every praxis pilot I see doing the event sites.


Wait. Does that mean that Frostpacker should never send any more Isk?

This will break the game!

You should ask Aiko if you should not send her any more ISK. :innocent:

In the spirit of Christmas: one month subscription free for current Omega subscribers.


We need to discuss boundaries Okay!

You added me as good standing !

Please state your agenda!

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@Iceacid_Frostpacker Dear sir, if adding you in-game gave me the satisfaction of reaching out to someone I could tentatively be friends with, I am only puzzled at your present query and the way it is formulated.
I am not aware that one needs an agenda to add a player in the Contact list nor do I think it isn’t preferable or recommended when friendship is sought. Considering the amount of time you have been in EVE I can well understand your credulity and curiosity.
Please let me state right off that I do enjoy most of your posts, and the personality/character that you display in this forum are, for reasons I cannot yet understand, quite endearing to me but more importantly the perceived quirkiness ( for lack of a better word ) of your persona appeals to me.
Also, since this a multiplayer, I would like to connect with people in-game whom I appreciate through participation on the forum.
I am slowly working up the courage to mail players
and thereby building a list of Buddies. I have to fight being shy/awkward and learn to make the first step if I want to use the Multiplayer experience to my advantage.
You are not the first forumer I add to my contact with purpose to reach to but you are, in a good way, the strangest.

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I appreciate the new contact though are you ready

/I will schedule time to roleplay with you!

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If your posts are any indication, I doubt I’ll ever be ready for what you might dish out :smiley: