Giveaway - Funtanainen Friday, 6pm CST

Come to Funtanainen Friday(tomorrow) night at 6pm CST(us) for hopefully a good time of trivia and games. My corp(me and my 2 alts) will be giving away around 3 billion isk throughout the night to those who can correctly answer trivia questions regarding eve.

In addition to trivia we will be playing games involving me going to a location in system and exiting 3 ships, a mission fit billion isk tengu, a mission fit 800 million isk proteus and the grand prize a 3 billion isk mission fit golem. They will be given away individually on the hour for a few consecutive hours. The tengu and proteus will be abandoned immediately so the first person who can scan them down and enter them gets them, the Golem however will be abandoned after 15 minutes of arriving at it’s spot(yes it will be in bastion mode with modules running). This will give anyone who would like to try and gank it/loot it a chance and make things more interesting. If it’s stilI standing after the 15 minutes it will also be abandoned for the first person who enters it and i will be very disapppointed at the quality of gankers left in eve. I will also abandon around 30 caracals, some tayra’s and various t1 frigates and ships throughout the evening for those who can’t yet fly the more advanced ship.

My in game profile(Rashneyota) will be updated later this evening with more specifics and ship fittings so you can verify you have the skill to fly not only the ship but the fit.(I will not take any IM’s or return any emails)

I also have a decent amount of fireworks and if anyone would like to fire them off during the event as a show please email me in game, include ‘FIREWORKS’ in the header. In addition to providing fireworks I will compensate you 250 million isk, first come first serve, isk paid immediately after the fireworks show.

I would like to give a sincere thank you to GM Baldur and GM Banquet who’s dedication, customer service skills and words of encouragement inspired this event.

Let’s all have fun and celebrate a very happy Friday!

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