Tis the season of giving! Lets pew pew and do some giveaways

So we decided to host a frigate free for all with some bonus prizes and some spicy fun!

Will be hosted by princess abbie and Kshal Aideron

Frigate Free For All
Fight starts at 14:00 on 19th December

Christmas fleet - free ships, giveaways and fun times to be had turn up trade one of the people in MOTD of the event channel ingame for ships in citadel and then go to the current fighting zone and join in the fun.

Join: TheBigXmasBang channel.

Dont forget to check your cargos and check the wrecks for plex and other goodies!

We will be streaming this event with even more giveaways and goodies over on my twitch at https://www.twitch.tv/discodelboy

So if you cant attend the fight you can at least join in the fun and win some Christmas goodies!

Peace out and see you in the battlefield nerds!


Will you be using Bantams? I’ve been building some, but the market is extremely low, and I want to get rid of them. I can contract them to you if you want it.

Thats super generous and yeh that would be fantastic we would like to throw some logi into the mix too

They are in the Amarr system. Do you want me to create a courier contract to move it to Tama, or can I just contract it to you at Amarr?

jita or tama preferably just so its easier for us to move them to the destination system

I don’t think I’ll be able to move the frigates to Jita in time, so can I just donate money equal to the worth of the Bantams and ask you to buy them for me? Sorry.

thats 100% fine too man and appreciated i will give you a shoutout during the stream of the event too for your contributions :smile:

Ill send you 5M. ~4.75 for 15 Bantams, and .25 for whatever else you need. Sorry about not being able to move the frigates. I manufacture in Amarr and sell them there, so I don’t really have a trade pipeline. Send it to princess abbie?

yeh sure thing just put FFA Event as the reason

i put your money towards the bantams worekd out like 25m for 15 of them with fit so we good :smiley: thanks for the donation towards it


Thanks to Duke Shasta for the 5m donation towards ships.
Thanks to Nitronik & Mr madmatt (Snuffed) for moving all the ships into system for us.
Thanks to Gallentus Prime for the generous donations to make the event happen.

[19:28:07] Madam ChiChi > <url=showinfo:1380//1352311076>princess abbie, I’ll be sending 300m to the top 3 ISK positive pilots for this. small amount but still. Will verify/run names by you b4 sending. Cheers o7

Also kindly added multiple contracts of plex to give away too <3

Ms Moses - Apoc Zakura, Mega Zakura, Raven Zakura, Tempest Zakura
Cheeta Snowline Bladeracer x 2

CCP: 5 drake matigu seabeast skins

Spectre Fleet: 100+ frigates and fittings donated

is ninja looting in a non-frigate allowed?

You’re welcome! Glad I could help. I think I’ll be able to show up.

Should be lots of fun! I wonder if Skybreakers will now see use.

id prefer you didnt honestly, if you want to loot come in one of the t1 frigates and try and loot and bail out but coming in another ship just to try ninja loot is kind of sucky
at least get involved and try get loot at same time

i hope not :smiley:

bump :wink:

Thanks for a good event hope to do another in the future, thanks for all the support.

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