Second Annual Alliance Tournament Hull Giveaway Fleet - December 17th

In much the same fashion as last year it’s time for me to formerly annouce this years event for those outside the Spectre Community. This coming December I will be hosting an event and supplying all prizes in an effort to give back to those people who have shown up for NPSI fleets throughout the year, as well as those pilots and groups who provided us targets to shoot and in many cases provided our fleet members with a quick response Pod-Express home. The Fleet will be open to anyone with invites taking place exclusively through Spectre Fleet Xup channels for simplification purposes.

The event will take place as a FFA/Thunderdome enviroment with a specific rule set much like last years event. To be eligible for ANY prize your fit must meet the parameters outlined below. Additionally because of the expected number of participants to be at, or potentially in excess of 1 full fleet, our departure time and cut-off for invititation will be exactly as listed, no invites will be granted even 1 minute beyond form-up deadline.

Date: December 17th @ 18:00 // 18:30 Departure - Jita 4:4, A low sec system will be provided for clean acomplisted pirates


Hull Restrictions: [I do look through each and every killmail]
*Any T1 Cruiser or NAVY Faction Cruiser with a cumulative ship+fit killmail valuation not to exceed 150 Million ISK. *Ammunitions, drugs, drones, cap booster charges, Nanite paste, and combat boosters in cargo do not apply to this total
Abyssal Modules are valued at 0isk, but only 1 is permitted per ship

Whats allowed:
No more than ONE (1x) Abyssal Module per ship
Deadspace modules
Faction Modules
10MN Afterburners (A Prop mod is not a requirement, aka Propless)
Cap Injectors
“Targetted” Electronic Warfare (Damps, TD, MGD, ECM, TP) and any associated scripts
Implants (Be aware your pod will likely perish, use of implants is entirely at your own risk)
While I fully understand peoples concerns regarding implants, please also consider that it is impossible for me to police them for 256 or more people.

Whats NOT allowed:
Cap Batteries (Cap injectors are permitted)
Remote Logistics modules (Repair, Energy, sensor)
Remote Repair drones
Burst Jammers
Microwarpdrives, Microwarpdrives, and Microwarpdrives
1MN ABS, 100MN ABs, 10000MN ABs

Prizes for this years event include:

1x - Alliance Tournament Ship (Laelaps, Whiptail, Raiju, or Victor)
25x - Faction/Deadspace Fit Dreads (Rev, Moros, Phoen, Nag, and Zirnitras)
60x - Faction/DeadspaceS Fit Marauders (15 of each faction)
20x - Faction/Deadspace Fit Black-ops (Panther, Widow, Redeemer)
25x - Faction/Deadspace Fit Pirate Battleships (Vindi, Nightmare, Barghest, Bhaal)
20x - Faction/Deadspace Fit Command Ships (Sleipner, Astarte, Nighthawk)
12x - Faction/Deadspace Fit T3Cruisers (3 of each faction)
20x - Faction/Deadspace Fit Pirate Cruisers
48x - Faction/Deadspace Fit Pirate Frigates
5x - Faction/Deadspace Fit Itikursas
5x - Faction/Deadspace Fit Draugrs

Additional and exceptional unlisted prizes are available and a distinct qualifying accomplishment will be revealed at fleet onset.

I want to thank all of the wonderful NPSI communities for providing an avenue to the various fleet and small gang pvp oppotunities they provide that many of our purples would not otherwise have access to without you. For those of you unfamiliar with these groups below are some of the many:

Spectre Fleet: In game channel: “SF Spectre Fleet”

FunInc: In game channel: " EBWF public"

Bombers Bar: In game channel “Bombers Bar”

Friday Yarr: In game channel “Friday YARRRR!”

Stay Feral: In game channel “Stay Feral”

ZehPando: in game channel “zehPando”

and many more, most of which can be found through the EBWF managed community gateway located at

Thank you all again, and if you have any questions please do not hesistate to ask, poke me on discord, or mail me in game.


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