The Hek Fightclub is back with another Amamake Frigate Free-For-All!

Hello again. I’m back again to announce the next contest held as part of the Hek Fightclub, one that was met with positive comments the last time. As you’ve already guessed, this event will take place in Amamake, which is not the usual location where HFC is holding fights, but it’s one of the best places for this kind of event.

What’s also special about this event is that it is not just a few hours long small tournament, but a whole day - this contest will be held from one downtime until the next.

If you have any questions, you can ask in this thread or in-game via the chat channel “Hek Fightclub”. You can also use the channel to arrange fights during the Amamake FFA.

The Hek Fightclub Amamake Free-For-All will begin after downtime on Saturday the 22nd of February 2020, as soon as the Tranquility server comes online, and will be held until downtime on Sunday the 23rd, when the server goes offline for its daily downtime.

Here’s how the whole thing will go down:

  • Fighting will be held in the system of Amamake.

  • Put all your kill reports into one evemail. In-game reports are preferred, but if you send zkill links, the kill reports must be API verified.

  • At the end of the contest period, send the mail with your kill reports to the in-game character Liafcipe9000.

  • The kill reports will be counted and the winner will be announced as soon as possible, likely the next day. Make sure you send your reports as soon as possible, so you can be counted before the winner is announced.

  • The winner will be the pilot with the highest number of kills in Amamake during the time period of the contest.

  • In the unlikely event of a tie for 1st place, there will be a tie-breaker duel with the ruleset described in section B of the Hek Fightclub Rules.

Note that pods will not be counted as kills so including them in your mail will only be a waste of text.

Amamake FFA Rules

  • Tournament type: Free-For-All Death Match.

  • Allowed Ship Types: Standard frigates, Navy frigates, Pirate frigates, Advanced frigates. Exceptions are stated below.

  • Pilots must fight alone. No gangs. (Each in-game character counts as 1 pilot.)

Restrictions / what’s NOT allowed (if you use these, your kill reports will not count towards your total kills for the contest):

  • Frigates of the Triglavian line as well as the Garmur and Worm are considered too powerful and are therefore not allowed.

  • Sensor Dampener and Electronic Counter-Measure Modules.

  • ECM Drones. Although it could prove challenging to enforce, try not to use them as that will make you look like a sad loser who can’t fight.

  • Any form of assistance, especially Combat Logistics. If I catch you with logi you’re out for good and all your kills will be ignored.

  • Any ship that is bigger than a frigate.

Note: these rules apply only to participants, not kills. You can kill whatever, and as long as your ship doesn’t overstep the bounds, your kill reports will still be counted.


As of right now, the prize pool is:

  • 1 billion ISK courtesy of the HFC Sponsor - The Nomadic Assistance Corporation [N0M4].
  • The pilot with the most impressive kill will receive 100 PLEX, courtesy of Hengle Teron (IGN).
  • 1 Dominix Quafe SKIN, courtesy of Selena Aldura (IGN).

The prize pool is open for other contributions as well. If you’re willing to donate prizes in the form of ISK, PLEX or blingy modules, talk to Liafcipe9000 ingame and we’ll sort it out.

There’s only one catch: as a prize donor you are not allowed to participate. Instead, you get to spam your recruitment and propaganda as much as you want during the contest period, both in the Hek Fightclub chat channel and in local.

The chat channel “Hek Fightclub” is always there for you to pick up duels at any time.

See you in Amamake!

Fly preposterous 7o



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