Announcing: Hek Fight Club - Fast, Easy & Cheap fights!

Hek Fight Club is the place to go for fast, easy & cheap PVP duels.

The full set of rules can be found here:

Rules TL;DR -

  1. No pod kills.

  2. Be in the system of Hek, in the fleet, and the chat channel (linked in the mailing list).

  3. Kills will earn you bragging rights. Stupid stuff earns you shame.

  4. All kills must be reported to the mailing list.

  5. No whining.

  6. Only frigates that have 1 skill for bonuses are allowed. No ECM or Sensor Dampeners. Only short range weapons allowed (Autocannons, Rockets, Pulse lasers or Blasters).

  7. You can make up your own rules to replace the previous rule, if other people agree to fight by them.

The Fightclub is meant to create a fun little place where people can pick up a quick fight and then move on, with absolutely no commitment required.

If you are new to PVP, you can learn the basics in the fight club.
If you are a veteran player, you can come and show your skills. Maybe even help newbies out in learning to PVP.
No matter who you are, or which nullsec carebear alliance you come from, you can always join the club and pick a fight.
All day, every day, 24/7, even when mods are asleep.

We have a sponsor who is willing to reimburse up to 200 million ISK of losses per week. So if you want to participate but can’t afford it, we’ve got you covered.
There’s no restriction on Alpha characters. Everyone can join the club.
Join the mailing list in-game to keep up with kill reports.

Hek Fight Club - We come to throw down!


To clarify, this means only single race ships, correct? So a firetail is allowed, a dramiel is not, and any t2 frigs are not? And this is entirely subject to competitors wishes. I.e. its an “official” fight if the rule is broken but both parties agree to it?


Yes and Yes. section C of the rules is kind of a work in progress, but the idea is to allow bending of the rules if two pilots mutually agree on a different set of rules. We’ve actually already had a Cruisers duel.


Cool. I’ll try to swing down sometime.


I’ve tested this product and/or service and can confirm that this is a thing and there are 1v1s to be had. Good luck!


Alright I’m going to swing down tonight. Got some fittings I’ll grab and join you guys. One more question or two. Are “pseudo kite” fits allowed? I.e. range extended rockets or autos? And do people run scrams or disruptors or no?

Edit: Basically if someone “escapes” does that result in a draw, creating a need for tackle like in “real” pvp?

all ammo types are allowed.


Sounds like fun. I am usually around Hek

Can confirm HFC is a legit and great way to get fast fights with friendly folks. Check it out, be prepared to lose your pixels with dignity, and you will learn stuff.

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