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Yesterday evening and today since downtime I have been in low sec Citadel space in an Atron looking for fights. Generally what I am finding is that people who look to initiate fights with me are in something that I would probably never win against. Faction Frigates, Hecates etc.

I’ve roamed around maybe 10/12 systems looking for T1 frigates and I cannot find any. It could be time of day, or I may be in the wrong location, perhaps faction warfare low sec isn’t where I should be looking for solo fights.

Is anyone else finding a relatively even match fight hard to come by these days or am I just being impatient and 3 hours or so isn’t enough time.

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Try to find kills instead of fights.

Engage things you think you can kill, others will do the same. While doing so, you may find that some kills aren’t as easy as they seem and you get a fight instead.

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In areas surrounding Tama there has been nothing engageable all day, nothing in plexes, the few things that were around warped off (to be expected) i’ve seen slicers, fed navy comets, hecates, catalysts but nothing that I can engage. No point trying in Tama itself as you just get blobbed.

If you aren’t actively a member of a FW corp, most will assume that you are a scout/tackle for a larger group running through that area trying to bait for a gank, and the majority of engagements you will find are other people trying to do the same.

The better way to get T1 frig fights is to o/d-plex during peak hours on a dedicated FW alt (potentially alpha even) that can be almost entirely self sufficient with the LP/isk rewards from d/o-plexing t1 frig sites – locations and peak hours are much easier to figure out from inside a FW corp that pushes flipping systems (even more from the underdog side, though you may get a lot ganks against you).

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thanks, I have an alpha I could use, i may try that, but I would need to train skills first which is a pain

Pick something with a wider engagement profile. Who is flying t1 frigates anymore…

not many people it would seem, but as someone who it practising so to speak it needs to be done on a budget

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Use kite frigates to engage bigger targets. Like Tristan, Beam tormentor.

More expensive options: Navy Slicer, Succubus, Worm

T2: Retribution

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revisiting this post.

Went out into FW space today in a Crow, through Tama and up to Vlillirier. Then from there to around the Ouelletta area before heading back to Jita. No fights. Hardly anyone in plexes, or at belts. Once back in Jita i grabbed a couple of Filaments and jumped to null in the same ship.

Landed in PL, PH land and of course many people there, landed in a bubble but managed to get away, used the 2nd filament and ended up in Etherium Reach, set desto for Jita again and just docked there now, Only action was a Loki trying to catch me.

If it’s this hard finding a fight now, how much worse with it be after 17th May.

I think finding kills is a skill. It’s one I am working on developing.

Also, if you show up in nullsec in an interceptor, I think most people are going to assume:

  1. That you are travelling (“travelceptor”) somewhere, or
  2. That you are a (possibly cherrypicking) explorer – some people (ab?)use interceptors for this role.

I was in low sec and null sec though.

People don’t really look for fair fights. There’s usually a tradeoff between fights per hour and wins per hour.

What you might do is figure out a popular ship hull you REALLY want to kill (maybe a Federation Navy Comet), and design a fit on a T1 ship that’ll destroy it easily. Against a Comet, for example, you may focus your tank on Thermal and Kinetic and forego EM and Explosive resistance. Or maybe you want to kill Caldari Navy Hookbills, in which case you fight focus on using Reactive Armor since most missile ships shoot one type of damage only (Reactive Armor is super-effective against one type of damage). With a cheap, specialised T1 ship, you may be able to kill these more-expensive hulls. I would look on zkillboard and see how the typical Comet or Hookbill is fitted, then use pyfa to problem solve the ideal fit to beat one of these ships.

Also, I found T1 destroyers very cost effective. You get the firepower and tank of a faction / assault frigate, at 10% the price. The Algos was my personal fav since it’s super versatile.

edit: this was my supa-cheap Algos fit back in the day. it should hopefully still work. the secret lies in the 10mn afterburner, which allows you to kite enemies even if they have a web or mwd. it’s weak to hookbills and other missile boats, but it’s great against other turret-based brawlers.

final edit: this guy looks like a good Algos pilot. copy him!

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This one here.

You get the additional benefit that you can easily just warp off an o-plex with plenty time if someone wants to cheese your basic frigate in a Garmur or Worm for an easy kill.
You can simply deny unbalanced match ups that way. You still have reinforcements to consider, but you can gain a lot of situational awareness from Local, Dscan and Zkill to help prevent this.

I believe finding the fight is part of the fun. Scanning, probing and pin pointing your prey is so so satisfying when it all works out.

I think it’s best not to play EVE like some shoot 'em up but rather as a well planned military operation.

That’s why I keep all the corpses that are my own kills. They’re like little trophies. I don’t bother with corpses that I didn’t kill. Every now and then, I open my station container where I keep my corpses and it feels sooooo good.

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