How to find a fight?

I have T1 navy frigate, how to find PvP and PvE?

Go to low or null sec, use d-scan to check belts and anomalies until you spot someone, warp to the belt/anom, lock them, point/scram them and shoot them.

Alternatively, you can wait in a belt or anom (or just the sun) and have someone find you and shoot you.

In low sec, do not engage on gates in a frigate, gate guns will make short work of you.

You can sit in a belt all night long waiting or go to faction warfare zones and get fight in 10-20 minutes. If your frigate is a Maulus navy Issue, you probably get fight and killed even quicker. Cause MNI is afight magnet - everyone thinks it can be easy kill and it is slow as brick so your enemy has good chance to run away after it faces 180 DPS active tank and some serios drone damage. Do not forget , that novice plex is your safe harbor cause you can not be attacked by anty other ship but other T1 frigate. Last breath of match maker in that game, you know… But that also mean you have to run if you see something like worm on close d-scan. Which is also the reason, why it is harder to get a fight in any PWN-mobile.

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Hunt around in FW plexes, also it may be harder to find a fight in a navy or T2 frigate.

If it’s a griffin navy issue then you’re not going to find a fight :stuck_out_tongue:

try watching some streamers on twitch, they are usually pretty good at finding fights. not sure who mostly streams in lowsec frigs these days though.

for t1/faction frig PVP I agree that FW zones are the best bet. Novices are locked to only t1/faction frigs and most of the people in them are there for a fight, so go for it! of course if you have a bad matchup they might run away, like someone else said a griffin navy no one wants to fight. Or if you are in a pirate faction frig. I’m guessing many will stick around but don’t get offended if they warp out.

Come to Black Rise. Fights will be had!

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