Solo PvP, step 2?

I’ve been doing solo frigate PvP for over a year now. I’m not able to play continuously but I figure I have about 250 fights under my belt. It has been great fun but lately I’ve been finding I am interested in something more.

I have begun trying to roam around in a T1 cruiser and a few other ships, but I haven’t found any fights yet (other than a couple of deaths to gangs). I’ve tried around the fringes of FW space and one NPC Null region.
I’ve done as much research as my time allows - YouTube videos, forums etc but haven’t found much evidence that this type of game play is accessible to non-experts.
Does anyone have any advice? Give up looking? Accept that engaging fights are just going to be even fewer and farther between?
Thanks in advance!

P.s. where did giving a “gf” in Local go? When I started it was probably a 95% occurrence. Now it is 40% maybe? Some traditions are worth keeping around !!

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What region did you go and get solo fights, ive been trying for a while but not having much luck.

If you mail me in game I’d be super happy to share that info!
Keep in mind that is specifically for frigate PVP.

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Hey , if you would like to advance in solo pvp in crusers… And looking for opportunity to both train and fights.Come and find me in game please… We do that

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