Solo Scarcity in the New FW Landscape

I have had a lot of trouble recently in finding solo content in FW space. I roam in T1 frigates and the occasional Stabber. I mainly am living right now around the Auga Kourmonen warzone, but I do roam north occasionally. It is very hard to find fights.

Is there a location where solo seems to happen frequently, or is there a different roaming strategy/pattern I could use to get more fights?

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People aren’t in FW to fight other players. When you’re flying around looking for “fights,” you’re interfering with their grind. Please be more considerate in the future.


In Black Rise I think you can find the occasional solo fights, but you have to evade the blobs, or force it to be a solo fight (kill before friends arrive). When you know the people in the area for a while you know who wants to fight or is just bait or runs.

If you fly a Hecate (or something I can beat in principle) and see me in local in one, I’m usually giving a 1:1. :slight_smile: If you see me flying something else, be careful … :wink:

I remember to have had my first solo fights with an Atron and Tristan in Black Rise in 2014 (RIP Frank Hats), but these were different times …

Nvm I found it, it’s in Amamake. You just have to stick around enough.
gfs all

The moral? Don’t hunt for Amarrs, hunt for Pirates who can underestimate you.

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