Best Low-Sec region for Solo PvP

As title says, I am wondering what areas are good right now for solo pvp. Priority is high number of gf with minimum blob.

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Go into faction warfare space outside the usual pirate or faction Corp hubs. You should find some opportunities in the complexes.


Look at the ingame map.

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I wonder who would be so stupid to tell you that. Hunters don’t need competition and those doing non pvp content there don’t need yet another hunter.

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FW systems within 5 jumps of Amamake is probably the best bet. Then you have the rest of Amarr/Minmatar FW, Gal/Cal FW is sadly rather inactive these days. You could still roam around Vlillirier though.


Please don’t try to be a smartass about a topic you have absolutely no clue about, thank you.


Thanks for the advice, it seems like Amamake is a bit of a hub but I’m not sure why. I will have to check it out.


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Well I dont know where Tuskers are in space now, but you should look that up. Great guys!

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I think Tuskers fell into a wormhole.

Say what! Thats not very pirate like.

Placid. Check how many solo kills happen there.

Amamake and the surrounding area. Blackrise has more pvp but lower quality, and you are more likely to get blobbed or insta loki popped.

I mean is it if you raid anyone and everyone out of wherever hole opens up?

So what you’re saying is Amamake is amaturemake?

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