Where to find solo/advantageous fight

I tend to ■■■■ about in Tama, but today I was dropped by 2 different cruisers, a duo 4 times, 9 merlins another time and 13 harpies the final time then just logged off. Are there any decent pvp sources left for solo play? It doesn’t even need to have an advantageous engagement profile, i’m looking for literally anything where I have at least a reasonable chance at some solo kills. Thanks in advance.

Try hunting astero running exploration sites.

Nice idea, but I don’t want to spend 4 hours of my evenings waiting in sites for explo frigs. Also, asteros can out-rep astero dps as well as sometimes being quad stabbed, so I’d have to up-tier to an interdictor, stratios or t3c, which is a lot of risk for not much reward.

If I go deep enough into FW space, I assume i’m just going to run into more duos/FW corps that will group drop me and botter, is this the case?

I am just the man to help here. Look up my killboard and see the solo destruction. As a solo player, it’s all about wormhole space. Get a TIII cruiser and hunt explorers/c1/c2 solo ratters and occasionally, the cheeky solo player who sees your KB and wants to test out a fit against you by baiting you with an exploration ship but then loosing :slight_smile: There’s no need to have to wait/camp for hours mate. use Tripwire/Pathfinder to map out a network and hunt. You’ll soon find targets. For the record, I haven’t even been playing the game for half a year which shows how easy it can be done. I run three stabs on my Astero and good players will get away although the dps of a TIII cruiser is such that just a few hits can often get you the kill.

The problem with NS/LS is that it’s mostly owned by corps/alliances and so you’ll find that most of the time, you’re dealing with fleets there

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Cheers from the reply, will check it out as soon as I get done properly training loki sub systems. Just remembered about abyssal 1v1’s, so will probably ■■■■ about in an iki there too. tyvm

Your welcome. The Loki is the best TIII cruiser in terms of the meta I believe. I use a Proteus. It’s essentially a mega dps brick but the issue with it is that it has no range. I need to be within 4km in order to get the most out of it. The Proteus is great 1 vs 1 and in a situation where you get the jump but in a fleet situation, you’re liable to get kited and the same is true should you get jumped. Here’s my KB for reference: https://zkillboard.com/character/2115696017/

Proving grounds… Just saying

Try duels at hisec trade hubs.

You mean rock, paper scissors with only 2-3 hulls that are able to finish PvE first then be somewhat competitive in PvP?

If you have the isk to burn and the skills, taking a murauder into low/null solo can be fun. There are some videos of them taking on large gangs and being successful.

Other then that the wormhole idea mentioned above is probably the best way to go.

I’ve got the t2 guns and whatnot for a kronos, but at that pricepoint I may as well just take out a nag. For now, I think I’m just going to satiate my need for solo pvp through abyssal pvp and potentially bomber WH roams.

Edit: Plus, we both know i’m just going to get dropped on by a titan by going to null like that. I’ve seen people drop levis and double erebus for single hecates before…

I am very interested in learning how to do what you do. I have tried a few times but never find anyone. Perhaps i am just not understanding how to scan the wormholes down and i have yet to get tripwire to work for me. Perhaps you can message me in game with so tips.

Other areas not Tama?
Lowsec of course, nullsec is like nothing, nothing, nothing… wait for half hour in same system… blob

Patience is key.

Step 1, find a low class wh near a trade or nub hub, scan for relic and data sites.
Step 2, wait cloaked for hapless noob
Step 3, kill scan frig.

I operate anywhere though to be fair.

Just note that whilst it may be harder to find targets (in lowsec) further away from Tama, they are more likely to be alone or in small groups.

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except that, if you manage to kill an explo frig in a relic site with your pvp ship, i would not call it a “fight”. A hunt, a murder, an ambush, a trap… but a fight? no

Choosing to be a victim is a choice. The explorers can choose to arm themselves.

yes, i was not complaining about the way pvp works in eve. I like it.

My post was about the title of the thread, where OP asked for “solo/advantageous fights” and Lugburz answer about “Step 2, wait cloaked for hapless noob Step 3, kill scan frig.”

It’s still a fight, as the ‘hapless noob’ chose to go there…

Should have read the posts above.

Find a well populated system near low/in low sec but also near a hub so you can reship.

Fly in and ask for a 1v1 at sun. 1v1 frigate 1v1 cruiser 1v1 battleship etc…

You will find most people are honerouble enough and if somebody interupts your fight you canboth blap them :smiley: