Low sec pvp, Where to go

Ok, so I bought a bunch of frigates got them sent to a high sec station outside of blackrise, ive been playing around there recently and got some decent fights, but majority of the region seems to be in gangs and just hold tackle for more friends to come into the site. I find this extremely lame, doesnt really bother me losing a 20m isk ship but id prefer to get actual decent fights if possible.

I would like to know what other regions are good for frigate pvp complexes. I tried searching zkill to find some nice places to import a heap of ships and Metropolis just outside of the forge seemed possibly a good spot to start also?

TLDR, I want to Low sec frigate pvp more and ideally get 1v1’s, would like to know where to move some ship stashes and which regions are fun in your experience.


A goon complaining about gangs. That’s funny. Try 1DQ1 for 1 vs. 1, there’s a lot of action happening there. :wink:

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Some corps like Stay Frosty (https://zkillboard.com/corporation/98199279/) tend to fight solo. You can check their killboard and see where their pilots tend to fight?

Pretty hard to find fights anywhere. Next, CCP will introduce 1v1 instances, which is the opposite of sandbox. They think the subscriptions will swell, but I know the average gamer. They’re too dumb to play Eve. Remove the sandbox and you lose your real players and gain nothing.



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My advice is to fly kiting or neuting ships. Two overloaded neuts on most frigs will stop their tackle if you need to escape after seeing reinforcements on scan. Damavik, Sentinel, Dragoon etc all work pretty well. Light ecm drones are also very useful for solo play.

^ do ecm drones still work for solo?

edit: OP, I spent the last few weeks around the FW area surrounding Stacmon. There are quite a few bots and farmers if you’re interested in ganking them. Easy wins.

Yeah they do. They will break the target’s lock on your ship but the drones themselves will be vulnerable to lock.

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Come to Amarr/Minmatar FW space, very active. Look at loss stats in 24hrs on map. Set waypoints to all those areas. Dscan the plexes on a 5° angle. You will find many solo opportunities here. See you out there.

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I can second this. There doesn’t seem to be as many bots as there were a few weeks ago. Still a fair bit of farmers but there are some real fights, too, at least in Devoid.

I didnt check but if your in goon like “Rivr” says, talk to your corp about this first. killboard aint reliable to know here the fights are anyways. its only a tool but dont always rely on that. You,re best bet would expert pvp’ers in your own corp. If that doesnt work…honestly change corp.

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