Struggling to find engaging content

I have recently come back to the game after a years break, probably been 3 weeks now since my return and I am kinda struggling to log in already.

I joined up to FW warfare as I decided I felt like learning to solo pvp and do some small gang lowsec stuff which I thought would be fun and engaging, compared to the few years of mass blobbing I’ve been doing in nullsec.

Unfortunately it is not really turning out to be as fun as I’d hoped, first week was great lots of solo pvp to be had in my t1 frigs against other t1 frigs and I had a pretty good time, so much so I shipped loads of t1 frigates down with different fits to try out and explode.

But most of those who were flying t1 frigs in black rise, prism and essence are not around anymore. Just venture’s run the plex’s now.

And all I have to fight are faction frigates and assault frigates and now I’ve found myself being a free killmail to whatever I engage. And in some cases not even able to get out of pockets I am trapped in as Mr Insta lock Loki and his Osprey alt are camping my frigate in.

Not saying it has all been bad I’ve had some close fights with Hookbills and Comets but none of those close calls have resulted in me coming out on top. Maybe them just bleeding into structure as I go down.

I find myself the past two weeks just roaming around for 3 hours feeling bored and deflated, unable to find something to fight. And end up suicide my ship into the first thing I see before I go do some housework to pick myself up.

Don’t know if anyone can help me with some tips on better places to go solo roaming, but Galmil/Calmil space just seems to be to far out of my ship class. I can fly the faction and assault stuff sure, but I kinda wanted to learn with some t1 things.

I may of had some more luck in the Calmil but unfortunately I had pretty terrible standings with them and didnt really have the capability of fixing it.

TL:DR Joined FW hoping for some T1 solo pvp action, getting farmed by stuff my ships can’t handle, where can I go to find content where I’m not a free killmail?


I’ve been struggling with this for years…

I just come back as well and my goal right away is to join FW but this is kinda discouraging to read. I’ve always loved the Frigate game. Did all the PVP end up in null or something?

I don’t know really.

I am contemplating trying some nullsec frigate roaming in the hopes of catching some tackle ceptors or something, but it is a large amount of space to cover and a lot more camped than low-sec.

(Which is one thing I’ve noticed the low-sec the NPSI gate camp groups don’t seem to be very active anymore).

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There is still a lot of fun to be had in cruiser down gangs in lowsec, my vote would be for straight pirate though as opposed to doing FW

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I just killed a Comet in my Atron, suddenly feeling a lot better.

I will look into pirating Entrinsik, guess it opens up more targets.

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1 AT dries up content since a lot of folks are busy with practice
2 it is summer so it slows down
3 we swung the pendulum so caldari are somewhat deflated. Not as many out since we moved to hem down from t5

It will change just be a bit patient


I will fight on and skill up some more, maybe make some isk to fund the pvp when it picks up.

Thanks for the response.

I had not considered that. Does make a lot of sense

First problem you joined FW limits your targets. If your in a T1 frig stick to the novice plexes takes the stress of fighting t2 frigs away and in regards to faction frigs take the fight you might win, recent changes to FW has made it so much more fun since warp stabbed ships can’t enter plexes apart from the venture but then I will use a dual scram venture with blasters and drones to hunt the dirty farming venture pilots, you just have to adapt to the current situation find ways that work


Mail in game SkyHawk5 he will be happy to help you.

BR & in particular Kurala, has slowed down significantly in recent months - as stated above there are some trends to back this up.

That said the FW community & mechanic are in dire need of attention as it has become quite stale in a lot of respects. Always happy to fly with you if you are in Prism/Okka area just wave in local.

I’m sure the seasonal change will come back & you could always try going pi, you will lose the sec status sooner or later :smiley:

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hello, what do you mean by this, can you explain it ? thanks.

We had Galmil at level 3 for many years. This means we had most systems. It also means Gallente LP was worth less since the higher the tier the more lp a player can earn.

We stopped defending systems. As a result the Caldari went to tier 5 and our tier went as low as it can go. Our lp became more valuable and we were able to cash out many years worth of Lp.

When done cashing out we took control back.

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thank you for the detailed explanation.+1

I am a huge fan of solo PvP, but I can never find it. Wether it’s taking a Kronos into 30 Frigs or straight up 1v1 fights, I love it. But , I CAN’T FIND IT!

I feel you brother, it’s a pain, and the 1v1 or even frig community has turned into fleet comps or hot drops.

I say we tell CCP to make 5 Null sec Regions directly off of high sec. , Each region allowing 1 size of ship higher than the last into the system. I.E. obviously you can’t chain them together. Make a pocket for each of them. Or even make the pockets off of all the trade hubs for immediate PvP.
System 1: Frigates only
System 2: Frigs and Destroyers only
System 3: Frigs, Destroyers, Crusiers Only
System 4: Frigs, Destroyers, Cruisers, Battle Cruisers only.
System 5: All sub caps allowed.

You could even merge Systems 1 and 2. Don’t allow upwells to be placed. Put a couple NPC stations WITH tethering for all players. Rats, Belts, Sites, etc… and there you go, you got yourself a functional PvP system that people CAN go look for that small gang and/or solo fun. Until Goon comes in and swears it’s theirs :stuck_out_tongue:

You will still get blobbed :rofl:

Keep in mind EVE is a sandbox so no guarantees of 1 v1 action is ever implied anywhere nor should there be.


That exists, are the factional plexes in low sec.

If you want to maximise your opportunities, I’d leave FW and go pirate. This’ll allow you to attack everyone.

Killing faction / T2 frigs in a T1 frig is going to be difficult. If you’re trying to limit your ISK losses, consider upgrading to T1 destroyers. They are still much cheaper than faction / T2 frigs, but pack alot more firepower and should even the odds.

If you’re really devious, consider an ECM-fitted Venture as well.

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That’s fantastic LOL.