Struggling to find engaging content

Join bomber bar fleet mate. Best fun in years


Faction Warfare is heavily influenced by the tier and unfortunately farmers and alts. Don’t know about the Galmil/Calmil warzone but in the Min/Amarrs warzone, solo content is mostly found until your faction wins.

Once your faction reaches tier 4 or 5, people stop plexing and start missioning. So less people in plexes so less content.

Another factor is fleet vs solo pvp. Solo pvp is mostly found when a lot of systems are contested. When a warzone is almost won, the remaining systems see a lot of activity which leads to two consequences :

  • All the fishes end up in the same pound and among those the biggest fishes win. So less T1 content since everyone race to better ships to stay competitive. T1 content is found in low populated systems which is not the case when a warzone is fought in a few systems.

  • Alliances and corp mobilize in fleets instead of relying on solo pvp to win systems. So instead of fighting solo players, you fight fleets.

To sum up : the lower the tier, the more spread the warzone, the more T1 content you will find. The higher the tier, the more concentrated the warzone, the more alliances run fleets or upgrade to better ships.

About T1, you can win fights vs faction or T2 if you have the right fit. Solo pvp is mostly about range control and countering your enemy. If you get an enemy in a tactical disadvantage, flying a faction or T2 frigate won’t save him.

Fly dangerous,

I’d suggest a WH corp thathas a hole with HS statics. There’s always traffic to hjnt, chains out to ls or null, explorers to hunt etc, etc. Moving to WH space was the best thing I did. Even losing all my stuff one time simlly added to the challenge.

you dont need to be in facwar to fight people in facwar and yu dont need to only be looking for solo; though pimping your t1 frigates might do wonders for you when fighting some faction frigates solo as it makes you look like the target you arent.

Would you consider joining a corp in npc nullsec near facwar space? for micro to medium gang stuff?

If you are drop me a mail :smiley:

Eve has content?

I’m new to pvp and fw. Am I better off flying my slasher in a small gang, fw Corp to get my wings bloody? Or just fly into novice and engage things?

Either way will allow you to experience exploding Internet Spaceships. However I’d suggest you’ll be able improve faster (via feedback on loses/fits/strategies/etc) by joining up with a pvp focused FW Corp (or a PVP focused corp that flies in FW space). The key being ‘pvp focused’ it doesn’t really matter where they live.

Of course if you enjoy reading (lots and lots of reading), and of course utube vids) you should be able to find the info you’ll need to go it alone, it’s not impossible.

I’d suggest finding a corp open to helping new pvpers, good luck.


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