Finding Fights in Faction Warfare - A Video Guide

Hey everyone, I’ve tried my best to put together a guide which answers the most common question I tend to get about solo PvP, which is simply about how to find fights. This is a full roam video with a lot of fast-forwarding through the boring parts, and an overlaid commentary. If there’s any decisions you don’t understand, or things you think I haven’t explained well enough, I’d love feedback on what more I could do to help people find fun in Faction Warfare as I find it’s one of the best places in the game for “bite-sized” content!


Thanks for the video! I’m getting used to playing in Faction Warfare myself so it’s nice to see how someone more experienced plays it.

It’s also interesting to note how much “boring bits” you needed to fast-forward through. You mention in the video it took about 45 minutes real-time to play and you’ve cut it down to about 14 minutes of interesting stuff. That means 70% of your time playing was described as “boring bits”! That’s actually in-line with what I’ve experienced too, so at least I know it isn’t because of something I’m doing wrong.


Yup! I think people expect a regular gameplay session to look like solo PvP video, and a lot more goes into it than that, normally you need 5-6h of gameplay to make a sick 10 minute long frag compilation :slight_smile:

Just the nature of the beast, and I wish you luck in finding content out there, I’m hoping to make some guides to ships to give people a better way to quickly evaluate what every ship is good/bad at!


That looks like fun!

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It is! It’s how I tend to play when I have 30 mins - 1 hour to kill, and can’t run a fleet. I’m mostly a PvP player at this point, so it’s nice to have a shorter gameplay option :slight_smile:

If you want to try it let me know, would be happy to give you a stack of T1 frigates to lose in the warzone!

Dude, love your videos and this one is most excellent. I “grew up” in fw hunting solo or in small gangs myself.

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I actually ended up doing another one of these videos, this time featuring a brawling Maulus! I actually really like the Maulus as a solo PvP ship after playing about with it some, the base speed and stats are super strong, as is the drone bay + 4 mids. Definitely not a top tier ship, but I feel like it’s firmly in that mid tier and that surprised me, as well as my opponents!

2 Likes Heres a real pvp video of faction warfare.

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