How to find fights?

So, i just started playing this game, and my focus is on PvP.

I have plenty of IRL money, so i have 20b+ ISK, and i am willing to spend it all trying to get better at PvP. So pricing of ships is not an issue - if that is relevant for my question at all.

My question is; How do i find fights ?

I have joined FW, and have succesfully found a few decent fights (all lost so far), and have been ganked alot.

I have tried different approaches. T2 Frig searching novice Plexes for enemies. Going Cruiser/Destroyer and try to hunt and outgun T1/T2 Frigs (the latter in Cruiser only).

But no matter what i do, my general experience is that if i have 1 hour of playing time, i will spend 90% of it, just trying to find a fight. Last night, i was on for about 1,5 hours in Caldari FW, I went to area around Old Man Star, as that should be a starting point for Gallente, as i have read.

I went in a Cruiser, and the only action i was able to pick up, was a T1 Frig, that made it to the stargate we were at. The rest of my time, was spent warping from place to place, looking at D-Scan, trying to find a fight. That is simply too boring for me.

Can anyone give some tips on how to find a fight?

Tonight i think i will simply go in a T2 Faction Frig, and go to a Novice Plex, and call out in Local that i am there, looking for a fight. Most probably i will get instaganked - but hey - it beats spending 90% of my time trying to find an opponent…

Help please?


Hello there, my new best friend! :grin:

Despite normally advising against spreading this information, it actually is a good way finding fights. When people know that you are a potential loot pinata, then they will come for you. Load up a few microplex, or whatever valueables, into your cargohold. Word will spread around.

Finding fights can go both ways. Either you’re looking for them, or you’re making sure they’ll come looking for you. Also being chatty in local helps people recognizing you. In the end it is often counter-productive believing in the idea of “silent hunter”, especially when you can’t find targets.


What is your goal with pvp? To win against the odds, to have a nice killboard, to just explode whatever?

The map has a layer in which you can sort out number of destroyed ships the last hour. This will help a lot!

If the number is very high there is probably higher chance of getting blobbed, whatever you goal may be.

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I’ve been playing Eve for nine years and most of that time I’ve been focused on PVP. The one sure way to get fights is fly something that is engageable - especially in FW. The more capable ship you fly the less ships you’ll engage. My recommendation is to start flying T1 frigates and don’t worry about your killboard status. You’ll get plenty of fights - you’ll win some and lose some - while getting great experience. Good luck and I’ll see you in local.
Fly boldly


Plus, when you’re rich on isk, use implants and boosters to give you a hidden advantage.


Not sure about low sec and FW, heard its a great place for frig pew pew, so my guess is you are simply in the wrong system/ region.

As for finding content, a bit of research and reading game news helps. Like now, 2 big groups deployed north, leaving their alts behind. It doesn’t mean you won’t get dropped by a super but the area will be less blobby in general.
Looking at ingame map, dotlan and killboards takes whole 2 minutes and you can have a handful of promising destinations and mid-points.

Nobody is looking fo fair fights so fly something engagable. If you are getting ganked alot, learn to isolate your targets. And use copious amounts of drugs.

Thanks for all the answers and help.

The thing about being Engageable is hurting me a bit for sure. Last night i fitted a 100m ISK Worm, as that looks to me to be the most powerful frig in the game, on paper. I have 14k EHP and 260DPS. Anyways, as you all point out - nobody wanted to fight me. Even destroyers would bail on me.

My problem is; I have tried flying “Engageable” frigs, like Merlin, Kestrel and Hookbill. But when i do that, i just always end up either being dogpiled by 2-3 players, OR i get a 1v1 with a T2 frig or a Destroyer / Cruiser (and die quickly).

Will try some more in the Worm, and see if i can force out some battles.


Get some buddies to play with you. Hunt together or get a second and third account with hidden logi and you will beat the crap out of them.

@Yaosus - Yeah, i have considered talking with some of the gankers in Tama and other systems, and see if i could simply join their efforts.

“get a second and third account with hidden logi” - What does this mean ? What is a “hidden logi”? And how will it help me? Sorry - but total noob here.

Most of the times you will just get trolled by the gankers and get ganked again. You need a few friends to run around with.

CCP released a while back the new T3s. You can fly a cloaky which is also a logistic cruiser at the same time. Although it is expensive if used correctly it will give you the upper hand in any fight. At least until your targets learn who your alts are and then set you up again.

Read about what a logistic cruiser does. It replenishes your shield or armor during a fight. So you can repair yourself and avoid going up in flames.

You can buy one or two more accounts with the necessary skills to fly the T3s, Omega them and keep them cloaked near a gate where you intend to fight or move them around with you.

You engage your enemies with your main then switch over to your logi accounts and repair yourself while laughing your ass off :slight_smile:

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Honestly, my best suggestion would be to join a good newbro corp.

Getting into pico/micro/small gang fights with experienced people, I promise you will learn more than you will solo. Their advice will help you see how to isolate targets, how to identify weaknesses, etc.

You’ll pick it up on your own eventually, but you’ll pick it up way faster with a mentor or mentors. If you enjoy FW, there are lots of good newbro corps there.

If you want bigger fights, join a nullsec alliance; we don’t get big fights nearly often enough, but I salivate just thinking about B-R. Sauce:

Eve is an MMO, it works best if you play it as such.

I second this. Some of the best FC’s I’ve flown with always used their in game map to look at statistics.

Jump to Tama or HED-GP… You can visit Delve as well, or better… visit north ^^ To make my comment constructive, i can train you on the test server if you mind :slight_smile:

Don’t forget the recon (or two for max cancer tryhard) and off-grid boosts. Oh wait.

@Gedion_Erissa flying engageable things means being at a disadvantage and making up for it with skill, might want to look into faction frigs (not pirate) or trashy cruisers like the stabber (very engageable and can still kill stuff). Going Worm is a bit overkill unless you want to go solo cruiser hunting or 1v10 or some :poop: .

Personally I think you have the wrong expectations. If you can consistently log on and find an organic (not arrange, not duel) solo frigate fight that you have a chance of winning in an hour, then you are doing very well. In fact that sounds like a dream.

Solo frigate is pretty rough. People play to win, and the best way to win is to outclass and outnumber. In general, outside of arranged fights, everyone will avoid fights that they most likely will lose and only engage when they think they will win handsdown.

If you are a hunter that means baiting, waiting and more waiting.

Your job is to catch them and outsmart them. Both will take time and planning, especially as a solo frigate.

If you want instant action:

  • engage in duels (be prepared NOT to find ‘fair’ fights)
  • join a corp and log on once they have found action
  • join constant war corps (like RvB)
  • get out of a frig and into something that can tank gate guns in low sec long enough to pop your target
  • Disco on low sec gates

If you are really good get in an interceptor and engage small gangs and fleets. They will be over confident. Kite and try and draw out their frigs. This will increase the ‘available’ targets you have to choose from, but its still going to take time to find favorable situations.

Good luck

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i sometimes like to just hang around belts in a bc
sometimes cruise around anoms
bcs can be quite surprising
im a fairly young character so people dont expect me to have command bursts trained
and i use a fairly cheap booster for about 10m cant remember which one but it gives i think 25% rep bonus

Have you thought of joining Red vs Blue for s short time to improve skills? Or perhaps joining as many spectre fleet roams as possible?

In the least these should help you get some of the basics down and a chance to find fights.

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Go to FW systems, forgot the other low sec systems.
All is about the system and the timeframe in low sec.

  1. farmer systems: where people goes to do not fight you.
  2. Party systems: You need to be in a group to have fights: huola, kedama, tama in the hot timeframe, in the cold timeframe you can have solo fights without too much effort.
  3. Second class systems: Pynecasto, martoh, eha, sosala… Good for fights depends of the time frame.

My advice is to have a set of ships on the system, frigates ( t1 and faction ), dessies and some cruisers, to switch depending of the enemy class. Always have some T1 frigs for maximizing your oportunity to have an engage.

Solo fights are sometimes difficult to find, having a few friends ( 3 -4 ) will give you more oportunities for having funny engages when there is no solo oportunities.

Low sec is difficult for newboies and solo fights due many people that live there are experienced people.

Join fw, people will defend their systems, but you propbably will not have “fair” fights.

I.) Warp top belt.
ii.) Wait.
iii.) PVP.

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