Solo pvp Lowsec FW content?

So is it possible to find much lowsec FW 1v1 or tiny gang frig/dessie content anymore ?

All I seem to run into for content are multiboxed farmers, or mutliboxed pirate gangs.

No one would call that good content, unless you either multiboxed yourself, or get a few buddies to shoot them, and even then, how is shooting the same configurations of farming ships every time supposed to be engaging in an RTS/Tactical way ?

Where/When did all this seem to go wrong somehow somewhere … ?

Why do people farm all this isk for something that ultimately adds no content value to the game on the long run ?

RMT ? Nullsec groups who just want Faction Dreads to spin around their deadend stations ?


I’ve just joined FW for the first time and was looking forward to getting to learn PVP and get some solo fights but it has been very slow so far. I’ve gotten three fights and even managed to win one but it is taking hours to find anyone willing to fight that is not in a gang or a ship that vastly out classes my little T1 frig.

I’ve definitely noticed a lot of plex farmers about who have no intention of fighting at all, why are they even in FW? Surely the must be better ways of farming ISK, I thought FW was for the pew pews.

I also have been hearing a lot about AWOXing being common if not rampant and I got a taste of it today. I saw a battlefield pop up and decided to check it out and see what it was all about. Immediately upon landing in the site, I was locked and attacked which confused because there were no war targets or neutrals on grid, just a bunch of fellow militia. As it turns out, all the ships attacking me turned out to belong to my militia and were killing all their fellow militia who entered the site.

I don’t mind losing ships to the enemy or neutral pirates, but getting killed by people who are supposed to be on your side feels kinda bad.


You kinda nailed it all down.

FW has completely lost its former value for good cheap and fun duels, back in 2013-2015-2016 it was still very much alive. You’d easily find willing groups of folk and solo players to play with, within 30mins to an hour’s playtime, who weren’t complete krabbing scrubs and gave people, old and new, something to either enjoy starting out in or come back to.

Right now it’s just meh, either a bunch of old and bored farts with no idea wtf to do with their isk but spin their shiny faction dreads in station, or dunk it out in OP ships on the little newbies like you left, because they can or because they lost any semblance of what fun in a video game means.

To them it’s just to fill the nostalgic void left by a game they no longer find any real meaning or reason to play with, but still “play”, as some like, weak life decorum … :melting_face:

Every time I log back on and look around, I see all those cool new mechanics for FW and now piracy, and I see how people CHOOSE to use them, I just go “■■■■ it”, what’s even the point spending the time on garbage made by a now ageing and garbage playerbase.


Try the standing fleets up in fleet finder.

These can be more lets find pvp as the goal, site lp second.

Its not solo, that part is true. But solo ain’t happening much these days to be honest. or you spend some isk and run a decked out kiki and pop solo site runners who don’t d-scan before they enter sites/plexes.

Where there is an ENI (seems to be a nice fotm setup)…usually a fast tackler for them is there too lol. NGL, I am off work next week and I hope to catch fleet times I miss to try that ENI on fleet ops as well.

Yeah. It sucks. Beene there You probably now know to write off that entire corp as awoxing butt hats. Its jsut really crappy you/we have to do this.

That mechanic corped up awoxers no longer can be kicked is utter crap really. Standings losses that can lead to kicks only affect npc corp FW players.

Which is odd AF. NPC’s corp players tend to be the more honest players. If only because we’d like a nice clean record to join a real corp one day.

Or…we don’t want their 20+ corp mates now hunting us down all the time in addition to wt’s and nuets. I got enough non blues to play with, I don’t need blues too lol.

Lol, a decked out kiki and pop solo site runners … so mentally engaging, I’d rather watch paint dry …

Challenging and creative solo fights or small fleet fights with actual pilots (and not fleets of multiboxed krab scrubs, with or against), aren’t a thing anymore, and it used to be the meat and bone of FW.

I’ll pass on what it’s become and lay its good memories to rest.

These mentally challenged krabs simply wrecked the game, and can now keep it shitty amongst themselves, I wont be a part of it.

Would be good to see CCP pull the plug on this mess, once and for all.

Also have the impression a lot more people in space play for farming LP/ISK. There are still a few looking for fights, and even fewer looking for true solo fights. It’s not CCP‘s fault. It’s the players‘.


Yeah, and wtf are they even farming the isk/LP for ? To buy more LP farming ships ?

Dumbasses …

Edit: Would be funny if some super rich player came and created some anti-krab FW alliance who would pro-actively and efficiently deny and push LP farm and multiboxing out of the WZ and have full control over any kind of risk-averse krab behaviour, and crash LP prices through massive supply drops.

Forcing these scumbags out of game would be a sight to see.

You need ISK to sustain PvP, and maybe people think FW would be the best to combine both, and end up just farming. Maybe they are null alts to fund / plex their mains, don‘t know.

I for myself can say there are far easier and less grindy ways to earn your living in EvE. So optimizing fun/h with PvP is not only a phrase but it’s possible without getting broke.

In retrospect I lost about 200 Hecates in 2023, but I‘m still about 30% wealthier than end of 2022. The biggest contributions came from the skill extractor sale and the last chapter of shadow war. Also I build my Hecates so I‘m not affected by their ridiculous price explosion.

Of course you need ISK to sustain PVP, but if you don’t even PVP in that zone, and screw other people’s aspirations to pvp gameplay there by constant krabbing, then there is a problem ?

Or perhaps not and everyone is ok for FW turning into another boring nullsec bloc farmland.

To which I’d rather take a giant wet fart in their general direction.

  1. go to zkillboard

  2. look up solo kills in lowsec

  3. figure out the best systems where solo fights are happening


It doesnt matter if we are or aren’t lol. Its getting ccp to care and fix.

Not likely. Frat got a slap on the wrist for the angel lp setup. and now it seems try again, with more restraint to not be as much an exploit, in gurista.

they allow awox setups. they have for years, not likey to change now either. TBH…take some time to find out famed awoxers and go solo them. Many would not be rushing to save them if they called for help. I will give up my pod life for most blues. But not them…lol.

They’ll be easy to spot. killer…pirate faction. Victim… same pirate faction.

Many, even non 0.0 related fw pirates, aren’t happy 0.0 brings their crap over to this either. CCP made that happen with open sign up. they don’t even ahve to leave their blue donuts.

When CCP made up a business plan from multiboxing.


It’s not hard to get solo fights. You roam around and see what you can find. I roam around near Kourmonen. There are always other solo people I encounter like Blights Wretch, who always is suspect and I’m a bit afraid of his vigil fleet, and if it’s a small gang they can be seperated sometimes.
Today I even got 2 cruiser 1v1s which is pretty cool. I think I caught one a bit surprised at a gate, and the other one I hunted for 20 minutes to finally catch it in the Open Complex.

Getting a frigate 1v1 shouldn’t be hard. I’d say frigates are the most common ships out there. Sometimes it’s hard to get a fight in a T1 frigate, because only Navy frigs and Navy destroyers and stuff like that are around.

I agree on the issue that multiboxers sitting in plexes with 5 Algae or Cormorant Navies is pretty annoying. They mostly do it for the LP. I never cared about LP at all.

I think people who care about LP are bad people. People who care about good fights are good people. I’d say make every plex a 1-plex or maybe a 2-plex so not too many people stack up in those and multiboxers who want to maximize LP need to split their fleet and attention making them easier to engage.

The sad bit is many don’t want to “hull mine” for LP.

Why I don’t like the people who bail when reds land. Dudes, we got this. They carry LP too for the final blow. lets make it a minigame! who gets final blow!

You know, fun LP.

Saving the e-stalk its why my killboard is ugly. I stay, get left alone, and…get practice at clearing pods out. After a few rough starts I got better at that too lol.

Wrong game for that. In fact, I’m not sure there are any MMO games good about solo pvp nowadays. Specifically in EVE hardly anyone is prepared to risk anything. Most of so called PVP players are extremely risk averse but proud of their 90% ‘dangerous’ on zkillboard, which basically means that they are more cowardly than average carebear. The rest just don’t care for solo fights, because they are essentially a roulette where you can lose but can’t win. Not sure where fun is supposed to be in it. Well, good luck finding good solo fights (whatever it is supposed to mean) in this enviroment.

Sure, those who encourage multiboxing are to blame. Not that anything is going to change, there is no way out of this trap for CCP.



You have to know how to look for it though. It’s a skill all on its own.

Also the Min/Amarr and Gal/Cal warzones have very different vibes.

Good luck.

I have had the same experience, your spot on!

Many here are of the same mind, but dont want to get hackled by the free reigning forum mini bosses and their alt army.

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On one hand, I called this problem out months ago.
On the other hand, yes, there is still content, otherwise I’d not be finding all of these people.

That said, I concur that FW has been degraded to an ISK faucet for multiboxers, and personally I’d remove 5 man sites immediately, which is clearly the only solution.

I remember one guy from CCP getting mad at Solo players saying stuff like they tried to find answers for years why Solo folks won’t socialize etc.

Solo is almost dead while the meta is king and kills all interesting gameplay content and Nerds are like oil to the fire, killing the tiniest variation of fun & interesting content outside meta; almost like vampires sucking EVE dry; leaving only the barebone gameplay mechanics.

Look at nullsec. It’s dead, no interactions except of Ishtars, few gate camps with nobody else moving alone but rather hanging out in stations for hours unless there is a fleet.

Those who always were the loudest in calling other „carebear“ are the real carebears. Their killboards look nice at the first glance but what is a „dangerous“ killboard worth with only 1% solo kills? Nothing to rly show off pounding on one ship with a fleet of 5 ships.

CCP make solo great again to make New Eden alive & interesting. Multiboxers are killing the gameplay content.

Give us a Solo Server with a smaller universe and […] multiboxers once and for all. Let them fight against each other if they have the time and the money but give us Solo back!

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