Which PvP should i commit into?

Since people keep saying that FW is dead. I am going to change my PvP focus.
Which one you think worth the time? I don’t like Corps Warfare tbh.

If you need to answer this I am sure the best you can do is give me all your stuff, create as much skill injector from your character as possible and give them to me too. After this you can happily biomass and go play some other game where OTHER people will decide what is the most fun FOR YOU. Eve is a sandbox, where players usually decide themselves, where to go and what to do.
Btw, WH PvP rearely see large blobs… Not that I suggesting you go there, just saying…

Uhh… take it easy man… he’s just looking for a little direction

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FW dies when everyone leaves it, if people continue to leave it because other people say it’s bad then it will continue to decline.

People did leave? I thought they make FW a cash cow. Which make it so unbalanced.

Fight in fw while not being in fw. You now have twice as many targets and more chances to 3rd party.


Take a ship, and explode other ships. PvP is that easy.

On a more serious note, true solo PvP is nice. That means you are truly solo, no alts.

FW isn’t dead as such, its mechanisms are dead : instead of being pvp related, loyalty points leads to farming missions, the market actually decide said farmers and the fate of the warzone, citadels making controlling system useless, null sec bleeding into low sec with its batphone and F1 logic. etc etc.

But it remains a great place for small gang/solo pvp. Actually the best place if you really enjoy solo pvp.

And the two warzones, Minmatar/Amarr and Gallente/Caldari, warzones are completely different.

As someone said you can go pirate : it will remain the same type of pvp except that your source of income will have to be different and you won’t play with a whole militia as teammates. If you want go pure pvp, FW remains a good choice since plexing still brings money to fuel your losses.

All depends what you enjoy, want to do :

  • Solo/Small gang pvp with frigates up to cruisers ? Low sec as FW or pirate
  • Small/Medium fleets without cyno and n+1 race : Wormhole
  • Be a soldier in a bigger army : Null Sec

Make your own choices,


This man speaks truth

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Yes, i am thinking to join Corps instead.

Gate camping

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Not sure who your with or what your used to doing; or exactly what you mean by corps pvp… you mean like hs wardecks? or just lowsec piracy kill everything? small gang? medium? large?
you want to fly specialist roles or just damage dealer?

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I plan to use Blackbird and other ECM boat in the future. Small combat

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