Is solo PvP dead? Seems so

I left my previous corp about a month ago and have done some re-organizing but seems most solo PvP ends up ending at a gate camp, and they seem to be everywhere now. Is there any point in solo PvP? And if so, then please give so advise as sounds likes the gate leeches have the upper-hand these days. I know it’s not a solo game…understood, but is there any room for this or not?


Have you tried Faction Warfare?

Not recently man. Maybe you are right. Any chance you can give your judgment on solo pvp man though? Does my head in tbh.

Why take gates when you can take holes?


Faction Warfare gates lock people into certain hulls inside capture sites. You will find some players farm solo for Loyalty Points and prefer the Novice sites (restricted to T1 frigates). You should be able to travel around the backyard systems of some Faction Warfare contested regions and catch some of them. Sites also protect you from bigger hulls from entering. They balance the game for you.

The other option, as Quelza suggested, is wormholes. More of a challenge as you can be baited easier and bigger ships.

There’s a lot of solo PvP in FW space. Come to black rise.

OK…thankx man, will look into it…as low sec gates are getting a little tiresome and predicable. If anyone else has any comments on solo PvP, I’d be very happy to hear them…negative or positive…o7

What’s solo PvP?

You tell me man. Was just thinking that it was still around…happy to be stood corrected though dude.

That’s what she said.

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Nullsec is full of groups large and small, with added advantage of warp bubbles. Lowsec faction war zones (you can find these using map features) are full of pvp but may not be the best for solo because so many people go there.

On the other hand, high traffic faction war zones don’t have gatecamps as often or for as long, because of the constant interruptions by the traffic. A group of 8 fast-lockers might pick on a few ships, but how long can they stay on a gate, if it’s seeing 100+ jumps an hour. (Thinking Kamela / Kourmonen.)

I think a better chance to find solo action might be to look for lowsec systems that are not tied up with faction warfare, and have low traffic. (Map feature ‘jumps in the last hour’) You may have to roam these or wait a long time in a dead system where nothing seems to be happening, until another like-minded player happens to come along.

EVE doesn’t have match making features, and many players will defend its asymmetric warfare, random encounters, unpredictability - until the servers close.

When you are alone and somebody catches you in hot drop or ganks you on gate, its still solo PvP technically as you are a victim of PvP behavior and you are solo. Most of the times you are dead then, and solo PvP is dying with you.


Yes solo pvp is still alive, but its become extremely challenging as compared to several years ago.

Capital proliferation has made BC/BS roaming a very careful affair. Its not impossible, but patience is a virtue. Its not uncommon for most nullsec entities to bring their carriers/supers out to dunk a solo bc or battleship (just yesterday someone tried to kill my drake with a nid). This has made certain ships less than ideal, such as marauders. Since, as soon as you bastion, they drop a dread or super on you. Combined with the cost, you might as well just fly a solo dread.

Lowsec roaming is ok and everyone claims FW pvp is best solo area. But tbh, its mainly farmers or people who hide behind ECM or tricks (baiting a plex with 1 ship, while 5 ships wait in an adjacent system to swarm your 1v1). Id say its better than null roaming, but only because large plexes prevent cynos and there can be some ways to mitigate blobs. The idea of hopping into a FW system and getting fights is a dying idea, not like it was 3 or 4 years ago, It still takes time (i roamed the busy pvp systems in black rise for an hour, got 0 fights) just like a null roam.

That being said, tactics, being clever with fits and being good at baiting or aggressive when needed can still land some great fights. I refuse to stop flying battleships and BCs cause of bored nullblobs and sometimes ill lose my ships to a carrier, but in the end its normally my fault for making a tactical mistake.

Tips for null roaming:
Bring bubbles or roam in a dictor (you can catch large alliances off gaurd when you go to an empty travel system and catch them when they dont expect it. You can brawl on your own terms.

Creating safes and bounces everywhere. This is good for evasion and checking for camps.

Use zkill to check systems for camps or for checking if that maller following you is cyno bait or just a confused newbro.

Bring a mobile depot to repair during null roams. x2 medium hull reps is better than 1 large (easier to fit in cargo).

Bait, bait and bait some more. Pretend to be a ratter (dont immediately target them, try to run away), name your ship something that might throw someone off. For example, calling a tornado a “sniper1” but make it a brawl fit.

Just a few things off the top of my head. No solo pvp isnt dead, but its only viable to the more masochistic and patient pilots.

Also, i am true solo and dont use scouts. So yes, i roam 50+ jumps in a battleship. The map and zkill is your friend.


Stitch Kaneland… Good post…thankx

You too Nana and Circumstantial man…o7

Says everyone with numbers that “suddenly appear” in a 1v1.

Another tip for dullsec is if you have someone in system but not on d-scan, he or she is probably cloaked and reporting you the second you uncloak from your gate cloak, expect a cyno incoming.
Don’t try to kill bait cyno ships, that gets you killed. However in a NPC null or lowsec system with at least one NPC station, you can kill the cyno, so the jump freighter or whatever is stuck there.
Put bubbles in a direct line of warp at 100km at a gate, that way you control what you fight or not.
Careful with combat probing, that scares people of, so learning how to d-scan is key.

The deeper in null you are, the worse the people get, so they will yolo expensive stuff into you, which is great if you need the mods yourself.

Make a clone in a NPC station like Syndicate or Stain, though Stain has weird inhabitants that only know one “tactic”, cyno and pressing FONE, better to avoid them.
But going to catch from Stain can be fun. There are lots of brave carebears to kill.

And what Stich said, they like nothing more than dropping their sooper-doopers on your ship.
Watch his videos too, he does awesome stuff all the time <3.

Don’t be silly… Solo pvp in Eve? HA!! Never happened.

Blob warfare & gatecamps FTW!!


SOLO PVP is not dead…

I got my teeth kicked in twice last night in Solo PVP. And I am not afraid to admit it. I am trying to get back into the swing of things for PVP, been out of the loop for about a year and change, mostly doing PVE junk. But now I am trying to get back into FW, and having NO issues finding 1v1 fights. I found 2 in the span of 15min, lost both. Both were pretty much Destroyer duels.

Yeah, I live in Stain, I’ve had a few good solo fights using an AF.

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Anyone ever tried high sec solo/small group pvp, mainly suspect mechanics?

First and most obviously, no ■■■■■■■ drops, bubbles, caps, etc.

Although it is a bit difficult to find someone who wish engage you(Generally, closer to trade hubs and pipes you find more people), the good things is that half of the people you engage would be bears who don’t know what they are doing, and you can get easy kills on them.

You can pick your opponents to engage before going suspect, and you don’t have to worry that you got hopelessly ganked in the midway by an overwhelming gate camp that you can never anticipate. In some sparse systems I could roam as a suspect for some hours with no engagements.

If you are staying in a major alliance, wardec may be a problem, but wardec corps never goes farther than like 3 jumps from their camping sites.