The Hek Fight Club presents: Launch Tournament

Greetings once again, ladies and gentlemen of EVE. I am here to announce:

The Hek Fight Club Launch Tournament

We’re having a tournament with big prizes and (hopefully) hours of non stop fun.

When is the tournament happening?

The tournament will be held on Sunday, the 15th of October at 18:00 UTC.

Where is the tournament taking place?

Well it’s in the solar system of Hek, of course!

What should I bring if I want to participate?

You will be in a standard Tech 1 cruiser.

What about that short-range weapons only rule you mentioned last time?

Well, in this tournament, the only restrictions are on faction modules, deadspace modules, ECM and Sensor Dampeners. as long as you don’t have those very fair and totally balanced :cough cough: modules or drones, you’re good.

Other than that, just don’t use command boosts or logi.

The way we conduct the tournament is this:

  • Fighting will be held in waves.
  • In each wave, contestants will be chosen by the referee in pairs to fight in one-on-one duels.
  • The referee will then scan the contestants’ ships. Once the referee acknowledges in the Fleet text channel that the fighters pass the scan, fighting can begin by sending a Duel challenge from one contestant to the other. (Note: kill reports are to be posted in chat so that the referee can save them for the records.)
  • Losers will be added to a “losers pool” during each wave.
  • If there is an un-even number of contestants in any wave, the odd man will have an opponent chosen out of the losers pool for that wave.
  • The winner of the “Odd Fight” will continue in the tournament while the rest of the losers pool will be permanently eliminated from the tournament.

You said there will be prizes. What are the prizes?

The winner of the final duel will take the entire prize pool* of the tournament:

  • 500 Million ISK
  • Tech 2 Minmatar frigate BPC pack
  • A-Type 5MN MWD
  • B-Type 50MN MWD
  • A-Type Small Shield Booster
  • B-Type Medium Shield Booster

* More items may be added to the prize pool at a later date.

Good stuff! How do I sign up?

To sign up for this tournament, you must be in the ingame chat channel “Hek Fightclub” and be present in the system of Hek. Type “x” in the channel to join the Fightclub fleet and get a fight.

Don’t forget, the Hek Fight Club can be active at any time! feel free to stay and pick up more fights all day every day!


I’ll probably swing by. Do you guys ever do frig fights?

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we usually do frigates on a daily basis.

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