EVE FIGHT CLUB! New PvP Live Event Coming in May

We believe many of you would be excited by the idea of watching some of the most prominent and spoken-about names in the EVE Universe clash on a 1v1 Battle. If you think you got what it takes to defeat the biggest names in EVE or anyone else in a 1v1 fight, then this might be your chance to do it.

If someone underestimates your PvP Skills, take it to the ring and let your skills your worth.

No Blue Balls. No Logi. No Gangs.

We’re going to donate hell load of isk to make this happen.

In May, we will launch a new event. It will be live-streamed on Twitch every week. The event name speaks for itself. Only difference is that it’s the Fight Club that you can talk about.

  • Two pilots will fight until a pod dies.
  • Location: Jita (Fight Location TBA)
  • When: Every Sunday (Eve Time TBA). Season 1 begins in May.
  • Participants: Anyone. Main Characters only. No Alts.
  • Ship Types: Faction & T1 Battleships. Bring your own fully fitted Battleships.
  • SRP: 100% Cost of your KM Loss. We’ll reimburse the 100% if you lose.
  • Winning Prize: Billions of Isk per winner for every match
  • We will sponsor SRP and PRIZE Cost.
  • More Rules: TBA (Join Mailing List - Details below)
  • Registration Cost: FREE (0.00 Isk).
  • Temp Registration: Send your app in-game to “TOKEN EFC”. Your App will go on a queue. First come, first served.
  • Website: www.EveFightClub.com | Coming Soon…
  • Twitch: EveFightClub
  • Discord: EveFightClub (Currently Muted - Will be Active in May. Join Mailing List for Updates).
  • In-Game Pub Channel: “EFC Chat”
  • Updates: Join Mailing List “EFC News”


We’re looking for the following skilled volunteers:

  • Web Dev & Gfx Design Team
  • Twitch Streamers/Hosts
  • Anyone who has skills/ideas/anything they can bring to the team
  • For applications, please inbox “TOKEN EFC” in-game or email token@evefightclub.com

Donations: In-game Only. Make all donations to “EVE FIGHT CLUB” corp. Any sort of contribution will be much appreciated.

All suggestions and ideas are welcome. Thanks!


What could possibly go wrong?

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That gave me a chuckle (the video - not the idea).

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We do realize that the idea may be boring to some people but if it wasn’t for such boring ideas of the greatest minds in history, we wouldn’t have many of the things that have become part of our everyday life.

This may turn out to become very successful and receive a lot of support from the community or it could miserably fail and get shelved. But at least we would have tried… :slight_smile:


You need CCP to get Thunderdome up and running. Duels are a joke in EVE right now.


We appreciate the input. This issue has been factored in as well. Getting this done on Tranquility is going to be a bit of a challenge. That is the exact same reason we would like to keep it that way and give participants and spectators alike an event with a different feel.

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Implying that you are a great mind! Fantastic!

But what if we just come and blast you guys out of space? :smiley:

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added to watch list

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Sign me up! I’m in. SRP guaranteed? How,?

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Well… Will make it even more fun :grinning:

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Yes reimbursement is guaranteed. Terms and conditions apply. Please join our mailing list in-game for updates.

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I see issues with this being in a fixed location.
We’ve had a thunderdome with the old crime and punishment lads a couple of years running and it’s gone rather well, participants chose mutually agreeable locations so it was free from interference.

Everyone and their dog can and will screw with it if it’s in jita.

@Noragen_Neirfallas would be interested in this I feel


Shhhhhhh Ralph, best laid plans go gaft a glay when you give the newbro’s the history lessons. Was looking forward to bringing some Nado’s just for the spectators.

Why don’t you blap a few MTUs while you’re there?

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If they are owned by Codies or VMG jobs on.:wink:

We are brainstorming contingency plans with all scenarios in mind. Once the rules book is completed, we’ll have a solution to that problem. If you have any suggestions, you’re more than welcome to assist.

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Unfortunately I don’t have a good solution for you mate aside from “don’t have it in jita” and I’m aware that’s not particularly helpful.

With the c&p lads we were mostly mercenaries, no one would try anything because the stakes were bragging rights and cheating would have made you look like a coward so for us the “honour” system worked fine.
Ye are absolutely going to need something more though , staining reputations isn’t going to hold any water with the jita locals, like at all, most of them are alts anyway.


You’d need a fleet of Tornados and catalysts willing to wipe offenders from the field, which means they’d need to be willing to go GCC. You can be probed down, which means your fight club is in constant jeopardy.

Your chance for success goes down in direct relation with the amount of people you have around. The more people there are, the higher the chances someone will interfere, and the only way of dealing with interference is blowing it out of the vacuum.