Alpha goes to Null Sec. Messing with the hunter, getting the loot. 300k view 2.5k sub 100 mil THANK YOU giveaway

Escalation into Null Sec… ‘Fire up the Cormorant’ xD

Alpha Goes To Null Sec. DED 3/10 2.5k sub/300k view celebration 100 Mil ISK Giveaway

Pretty sure this belongs in Events, since it isn’t a discussion of a ship/module/fit and is a ‘giveaway’.

Topic moved to In game Events

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Fair enough, I am new to this, but the video was a lot of useful info about Dessies for ded 3/10 and how to vary the fit for the circumstances… as well as keeping alive in general, my vids are about knowledge, the giveaway is thankyou…

If you want to have a thread for your video guides, that’s totally cool - name them appropriately and highlight the topic for each video so players can understand what they are going to see. Your current title and lack of any in-thread discussion points is what makes it more ‘event’ oriented forum-wise.

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Thanks for the advice mate, I appreciate it :slight_smile: I did some other posts I think they were better presented xD

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