Is this legal? Website, YouTube and Twitch EVE item and isk giveaway contests


(Captain Tardbar) #1

So… I’ve quit maybe 9 times since 2009 and usually I always get asked if I can have my stuff.

So two old EVE friends talked me into installing again since you can fly battleships now… Anyways.

I’ve got billions isk worth of items that I have accumulated over the years that I can use because I have uppity reasons why I won’t go omega account (bittervet). Orcas, Skiffs, Charons, billions of blue prints I won’t be using since I am not going to upgrade. Even if I did, I’m not going to use all this stuff…

So that leads to the question, is it legal to give these items away on a website, YouTube, and/or Twitch giveaway? Obviously, all these things are monetized, but I’m not accepting money directly for the items or giving them to just people who donate money to the site or channel or giving them a better chance at the contest. (And if I did I wouldn’t do it publicly on the site as I’d rather have the views/traffic than the actual money from the items. On an aside if I wanted to RMT, I’d just do Star Citizen ships sales since RSI has no problem with grey markets so I can sell my SC shps without getting banned and a single one of my SC ship is worth way more than any of my EVE junk combined)

So anyways… Is this fine? Or have people on here tried giving away EVE items and isk to subscribers on their channel and got banned?

(Anderson Geten) #2

Is there money involved and related, even by a far distance, to Eve assets moved ? If yes, this is illegal.
Is there eve assets moved and randomization involved ? If yes, this is illegal.

(Nana Skalski) #3

Can you have your stuff?

(Wander Prian) #4

If you want to a valid answer, make a support ticket and ask the GM’s.

(Captain Tardbar) #5

Ah. Alright. I was just being lazy. I found the CCP statement through a basic google search that I was too lazy to do:

That’s fine… Despite the fact I hardly play anymore, sometimes I will get on for a weekend and mess around with the Gila so I rather not get banned. I’ll just give away my Star Citizen ships that I don’t want anymore and get more traffic that way anyhow.

Otherwise, I got some unemployed friends that I will give my Orca and other ships too since they got Omega accounts and didn’t beg for it like some people on forums.

But I don’t think they are into industry so I’ll probably do a Twitch stream with me in a shuttle with a billion worth a BPOs just randomly warping system to system for poops and giggles. And then maybe convert all my ISK into plex put it in a cargo hold of a Rattlesnake and sit outside Jita 4-1 and see how long that lasts.

Then you can have my stuff from my cold dead hands.

(Uriel the Flame) #6

Can his stuff have him? :thinking:

(Captain Tardbar) #7

In theory I could just convert a 9 year old character into skill injectors and live stream me flying around in a shuttle. You can have a literal piece of my character if the loot fairy is kind I guess.

(Uriel the Flame) #8

inb4 accused of RMT. :stuck_out_tongue: But I always found PLEX tanked killmails funny so do it anyway. Just let me know a few days beforehand so I can be there with my Jita thief alt to witness it and with some luck even take the loot. :sunglasses:

(Captain Tardbar) #9

To be fair, I could just block out the system names and jump points so the watchers would have to simply guess where I was. But I’d be scanned anyways as soon as I undocked at Jita so viewers would not have an unfair advantage other than maybe a 20 minute warning when I undock.

(Anjyl Took) #10

I’m not connected to Big Games, but it is about the one legal game of chance in EvE. I’m sure you could make a donation to them if you wanted to distribute your stuff randomly.

(Uriel the Flame) #11

Though you could use an insta-undock bookmark to avoid the station campers. Would be more difficult to get you so I speak against my own interests but it would make for a more interesting treasure hunt experience. Would be even better with a fast aligning properly tanked frigate to avoid favoring smart bombers… or at least have a better chance against them. I can see the title: The Chase (just as creative as “The Agency”. :stuck_out_tongue:).

(Baba Ji) #12

There is a well known player who randomly gives out items to noobs. He recently lost a ship with loads. I’m sure he would puts lots of it to some noble use.

(Captain Tardbar) #13

Remember I will be doing this in an alpha account… I guess I could buy plex in Jita and fly an Omega ship, but that sort of defeats giving away all the stuff.

(Uriel the Flame) #14

Don’t think an omega ship is required, just a cheap T1 frig that aligns fast already with T1 travel fit to avoid basic risks so actual effort would be required to kill you. Should be doable below one mil ISK or at most a few if you go “wild”.

(Captain Tardbar) #15

Wait… We are being dumb. I can just use the plex vault and pull it out in another system.

(Uriel the Flame) #16

Oh yup the magically teleporting pilot license extension. :joy:

Edit: The original idea was about skill injectors though so that is why we started discussing Jita undock.

(Captain Tardbar) #17

True, but I can just convert them into isk and then into plex.

(Captain Tardbar) #18

But yeah busy this Friday, so maybe I will try to schedule it for next Friday night. I’ll show my friends if there is anything in my inventory they really want and after they go through that, I’ll convert the rest into isk and then plex. May take a while as have crap everywhere.

(Uriel the Flame) #19

Thought this was just a joke or at most a theoretical discussion, didn’t know you are quitting EVE for real.

(Captain Tardbar) #20

Oh no. If nothing else, I’m never getting back into industry and I got like 2 almost fully research orca bpos, charon, and a few battleships bpos.

The only thing I really would want to keep is my Gila. My industrial character can get skill dumped though since unless they let F2P fly orcas, I’m not going omega.