(#384) The BIG Lottery - Win 7.5B ISK and MUCH more

The BIG Lottery
EVE’s Premiere Lottery - Non-Stop since May 2003

Round #384 : 2018/01/15 - 2018/01/28


  1. 3,000,000,000 ISK
  2. 2,000,000,000 ISK
  3. 1,000,000,000 ISK
  4. Enforcer BPC
    + 100 PLEX
    + Enforcer Exoplanets Hunter SKIN (Permanent) (*1)
  5. Stratios and Astero (*2)

(*1 and *2) In-channel-participation only prizes.

(*1) Sponsored by Anataine Deva
(*2) Sponsored by Macabre Devil

Win more ISK!!!
Put a “The BIG Lottery” link into your bio - Exact text!
Make sure it links to "http://BIGLottery.BIG-EVE.com"
If you have it, you’ll get a 25% bio-link bonus ontop of your winnings!


Simply send an EVEmail to the character “BIG Games” with the subject “The BIG Lottery”.
It’s free to take part!

Round #384 duration

From: Monday, January 15th, 2018
To: Sunday, January 28th, 2018
Drawing: Monday, January 29th, 2018 18:00 EVE - Ingame channel “BIG Games”

Note that round #385 starts immediately after round #384 has ended.
- even if the #384 draw hasn’t actually been done yet.


Winners of Round #384 : 2018.01.15 - 2018.01.28

The list of winners are

3,750,000,000 ISK - Anni Shiyurida
2,500,000,000 ISK - Laiurenty Odunen
1,250,000,000 ISK - Mandek Koskanaiken
Enforcer BPC
+ 100 PLEX
+ Enforcer Exoplanets Hunter SKIN (Permanent) (*1) - Aedaxus
Nightmare (fitted) (*2) - Lyria Adoulin
Nightmare (fitted) (*3) - Lother Thellere
Stratios and Asteros (*4) - Des Morwe

(*1, *2, *3 and *4) In-channel-participation only prizes.

(*1, *2 and *3) Sponsored by Anataine Deva
(*4) Sponsored by Macabre Devil

Nighmare (fitted) (*2 and *3)

  • 1x Nightmare
  • 1x Large Core Defense Field Extender I
  • 1x Large Anti-Thermal Screen Reinforcer II
  • 1x Large Energy Locus Coordinator II
  • 1x Dark Blood Heavy Energy Nosferatu
  • 1x Large Remote Capacitor Transmitter II
  • 4x Tachyon Beam Laser I
  • 4x Blood Multifrequency L
  • 1x 500MN Microwarpdrive II
  • 2x Adaptive Invulnerability Field II
  • 1x Pithum C-Type EM Ward Amplifier
  • 3x Tracking Computer II
  • 3x Optimal Range Script
  • 1x Damage Control II
  • 1x Capacitor Power Relay II
  • 4x Heat Sink II
  • 1x Hammerhead II
  • 3x Hobgoblin II
  • 1x Gecko

Special mentions:

Des Morwe for making his 6th win.

Sounds suspiciously like gambling… which is banned under the EULA…

Ok, I just looked at your website, its a free lottery now it seems.

You were previously banned for gambling under your old rules as ticket buying and “registration fees”. Hmm.

Yes but BIG Games has been in the game since the beginning of time.

The number of tickets is limited and pays the winnings. It does not create money out of nowhere.

Since gambling is made illegal in the EULA that is no longer the case as far as I know. Now they rely on player donations I guess (and probably the organizer has a steady income as well I assume). Also there are additional prizes provided by others so player donation is surely a part of it one way or another. Though with the anti-gambling rules they no longer allowed to sell tickets for ISK (or anything else) thus anyone can sign up for free now and each character is limited to one ticked per draw.

Where did you get that nonsense?

BIG was never banned and the old lottery, now free giveaway went always within the rules of the EULA.

Here? https://forums-archive.eveonline.com/topic/499242/

In case, thats not clear, here’s a screenshot from that forum post:

You really want to tell me, that CCP’s confirmation that the old rules of the BIG Lottery infringe the new EULA where “games of chance” are forbidden, is an evidence for you that BIG was banned for gambling?

[pause to think about that]

Because of that confirmation (screenshot) and the comment of ISD Max Trix in your linked thread, the BIG Lottery became a free give away. The only way to carry on without getting closed down.

Therefore let me make it clear, BIG and his Lottery were never banned for gambling.

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Yes, never banned, only changed the form of operation. There is nothing about ban in the post, only that they cant continue in previous form. Small misunderstanding.

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