Question regarding eve echoes isk

Hi, i just want to ask if it would be legal to trade eve echoes for eve online isk. I haven’t seen anyone doing it and it just crossed my mind. Does the eve online team allow that?

Damn sure that’s a big, fat No.


Well i mean it is the same property game. Maybe it would be legal to sell it at plex price ratio, so that spending x dollars gives you the same amount of isk value between the two games, right?

I am just asking, i don’t know if it is in the terms of service, that’s what i would like to know, i am just throwing ideas there, me nor you run the game so they are just opinions

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That’s fair.

The answer stays the same, no matter who you ask. :slight_smile:

Heh. CCP will probably monetize it somehow.

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I bet if they could … they would. :slight_smile:

Well i mean, it would help cpp. Think that old time players of eve wouldn’t like to start from scratch again, but allowing them to trade eve online isk for eve echoes would get them to play the game. Then it would develop the entire server (it wouldn’t screw up economy since rn eve echoes isk is still really a little in the server) and people would be more likely to play thus spend money, because half the players of eve echoes (if not more) never played eve online.
It would benefit eve echoes a lot, making experienced players use industry and all.

EVE echoes is like a fresh start for people who need it easier.

When CCP allows people to transfer wealth from one to the other …
… they’re willingly opening the floodgates of hell into that game …
… and it will burn down until there is no tomorrow to look forward to.


Trust me.

I really can tell.


I don’t see how that could even happen. The isk supply in eve echoes is little, so no one is gonna be able to transfer a billion for example, since i don’t think there are people with one billion isk. Also a person with 100 million in eve echoes could transfer it to eve online and started playing there too, and eventually spend money in both games. Eve echoes would gain competitivity, since rn there are not even battlecruises and the pvp is non existent, and eve online would get fresh players

Oh I thought you meant both ways.

Well, in any case … have you tried playing the actual game as Alpha on a real computer? :slight_smile:

I play them both. I am registered on the forum with my eve online account, started playing during quarantine. I started playing eve echoes when it came out too. Now for time reasons i am just playing echoes tho

Have you thought of the advantage someone would have …
… who would farm in both games at the same time, for free?

I would afk mine (as stupid example) in both games at the same time for free …
… and gather all the ISK up on my EVE ONLINE account.

Yes, but you would need someone to give you the isk in eve online

Just to clarify: are we talking echoes to TQ? Or TQ to echoes?

The first would be broken as hell. The second could be doable since it’s built to be a pay-walled farm from the start.

I am talking about both ways. If you want from echoes to eve online there is a player getting from eve online to echoes


Think about it this way:
They’re run by different groups.
Those groups security teams will see isk moving, without a reason for it moving.

Expect to eat a ban for RMT.

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It’s not. They are two completely different games that just happen to use the same ip.

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Echoes is pure farming. Purely automated farming.

No way is that coming to TQ.

Do you really believe that?

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