Question regarding eve echoes isk

Coupling the EVE and EVE Echoes economy so that people can farm ISK for one game in the other sounds like a disaster to be honest.

Botting would become an even worse problem when people can bot in one game to obtain resources for the other.

My guess is that CCP wants Echos to be the PVP free zone that the Eve carebears have always asked for. Allowing for some kind of money transfer between the games would be the ultimate dream for them.

CCP seemed to have seen the error of their ways regarding the economy.

Let the farmers and botters enjoy the joke of a game that will be echoes. Even better let them move their assets over too.

Allows eve to pursue another demographic.

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Well, to be fair, if the exchange was determined by a market-driven, player controlled process, the amount of “real” Eve Online ISK you would have to give for the Eve Echoes version wouldn’t be very much. The conflict-free, grinders paradise that seems to be the current ruleset means that Echoes ISK will be worthless in no time.

I mean really, the Eve Online devs have a hard enough time keeping the economy healthy in a game where loss is ever-present. I haven’t spent the time to see what the earning potential in Echoes perfectly safe highsec is vs. the other spaces, but I am very skeptical there is any chance they can bring about a real player-driven economy with the safebear ruleset they have gone with. Most likely, a year form now, ISK and everything else for that matter, in Echoes will be worth very little and no Eve player would have any interest in it.

It’s the standard carebear hypocrisy - they want their efforts to have value, but they whine to be made immune to the interactions that give things value. At least now you can point them to a place where they can have what they say they want - a “safe” version of Eve. Too bad most of them won’t go, and the ones that do will be back in a few months complaining about how it isn’t as satisfying an experience for some reason they can’t articulate, and then go on to moan how Eve should be made safer for them.


I’m starting to wonder if Echoes is maybe an experiment to see what would happen to EVE if the core rules were changed. I mean, it doesn’t take much to develop a mobile game these days (a skilled Chinese team could probably do something like this in under a year with a 1-2 million USD budget).

Then CCP (PA) data-mines everything to see what would happen if the PvP were turned off, or if sections of the market were replaced with direct purchases, etc. etc.

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That’s a valid point, never thought of it that way. In the age of chaos, who knows.

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It wouldn’t. I am glad to have been of assistance.

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