Is it legal to have GM loki to come it and stael 15 billion in isk

I had 85.00 in plex I purchased converted to ISK stolen by 2 EVE representatives “GM Loki” and “GM Huginn” There was a legal trade of plex for skill injectors. But looks like EVE is trying to force the game into buying more plex they are now stealing it.

They refuse to answer the ticket now, put in.

Like an answer.

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  1. Absolutely it’s legal.
  2. Posting here won’t help, this will get locked soon.
  3. Resolve it via ticket. Chances are there was dodgy isk somewhere in the transaction though.

Good evening. Sadly, the only way to have this issue resolved is via the support system. I will be closing the thread and hope your issue can get resolved soon. Thank you.

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