Game Master steal from you to fund the own game

Had 11 billion ISK stolen from a Hudinn. Had snip for court if force to.stolen funds from GM hudinn

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The game master, that don’t get paid steal from players. You buy there plex to have over 100.00 dollars stolen from you.

i’m sure there’s another reason why… Where did most of the isk that you have came from?

Thanks for the isk. :slight_smile:


From plex, I sell items, and used plex to start the fund to buy material, and blueprints. Had almost 7000 plex before and now down to 3940.
I come here to mine and do the mission to relief tension form work, just to be stolen from. PLEX only come from eve. You can buy it out side in gaming stores. And online.

AHOLE is Part of the Chicken also!


A hole is part of a donut too.


You got illegal botting or rmt isk.
It got removed.


If I believed a GM acted inappropriately I would email to explain the situation

How do you do botting. I have to be online to mine. and watch the drones.

How do you get a program for it?

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