Plex scam clarification

Just got 16.275 billion isk worth of plex (5250x) from someone in jita with a trade window isk switch before they accepted and they received 16.2 million. I just want to make sure scamming plex are allowed, fair game so to speak.


Well done on your scam! That’s a very nice catch. Scamming PLEX is entirely within the rules of the game, so enjoy your ill gotten gains!

As soon as PLEX enter the game as virtual good, it’s fair game. It’s only bits and pixels.

And …, don’t use the trade window with strangers and significant values, ever. This is what private contracts are for.

If you entice them to spend real money, CCP will come down on you like a ton of bricks.

If you get them to get the plex with ISK, it’s all good.


Amazing people will fall for that simple trick…and with a large amount? *smh That is one of the oldest tricks in EvE and has probably been included in every list and discussion of what to avoid in EvE that has ever touched on the subject. Either they never bothered to take just a few minutes to look into it or OP sucessfully played on their greed. In either case, they deserved it…

Trade window


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I don’t even use the trade window with my alt - don’t trust that dude.


Yeah, better safe than worry. Those self-entitled alts…

You should see mine and what we argue about in corp chat. Those filthy alts can’t be trusted in any way.

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Gratz :slight_smile: Get in touch via EvE-Mail young padawan if you want to see how deep the rabbit hole goes.

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And that’s good advice form the Keno Skir.

I never even bother with the trade window, but doesn’t it have a confirmation window?

Want to trade 1000 plex for a stone of jordan?

RIP the dude that you scammed LMAO.
Don’t spend your reward all at once!

No kididng, never use that thing! Not even with my alts! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

This ^ is a legitimate profession in EvE and long may it stand :boredparrot:

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