Question on Contracting Plex for Isk

On the weekend I was asked if i could purchase plex x 1000 and set a private contract for the cost in isk.

I placed a buy order onto the market but the price I had put had not yet been met due to a lower than current market for said plex amount.

Okay so the question, Is there a scam about to happen? I place the plex into the contract and click finish?

Are they wanted to somehow obtain free plex? I was told that they currently are in negative buy orders and that their account just went into alpha and that they didn’t want to cancel the orders just to buy plex on the market. I asked about why not use an alt and no reply to date.

I am fine to straight up and help players out but I had stayed clear of contracts with strangers.

Any advise?

You have never done a contract?

Contracts are safe as long as your THOROUGHLY read the details. Scammers will use every possible angle.

If you make a private contract to someone for 1,000 Plex, you can set the price at say 2.6 bil and you will get your ISK.

I can make a reverse contract and offer isk and request Plex.

What you want to watch out for with contracts is QUANTITY.

Often times someone will say 1000 Plex and actually offer 100, or say they will pay 2.6 billion and actually offer 260 mil.

If someone offers you a contract, can post a screenshot of it here and I’ll give more feedback. If you create the contract, you can’t be scammed. You can only enter the wrong stuff.

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Thank you for your reply, it cleared my mind in trusting the contract setup again. I had end up helping him by accepting a different contract from him in the value of ships for isk. It was an even deal and were both happy.

At the moment I am isk heavy and i was the one who responded his his local request meaning i contacted him first.

Fly safe dude

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