Posting this here so everybody can get a good laugh out of it

I accepted a contract for 5k PLEX at 20b inside a small container, most of my ISK. It was in a Raitaru. I confirmed i could repackage containers before accepting it and then accepted it. The stuff never showed up in my assets.
Flying over there i found a Raitaru wreck on my dscan.

Goodbye eve.

Why do you buy plex in a container?
In a cointainer??? WHYYYYYY Plex is supposed to go into the plex wallet not into a container mannnn


It should of just been as isk and not plex. Submit a ticket to make sure there wasn’t a hold on such plex.

Plex is a Real Money trade

Isk is a RolePlay Trade.


OP, it’s a bummer you didn’t read the forum post created specifically about this kind of scam:

If you only thought of yourself as the ISK in your wallet then perhaps it’s a wake-up call that the universe is about more than hoarding ISK.


Most Capsuleers feel ashamed about hording too much isk and Frostpacker understands that hoarding isk is unhealthy to New Edens economy so isk must be either reinvested in the Regional Market or Given Away!


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Look at the bright side you made someone happy with your ISK. :wink:

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Sorry to hear that.

What did these people say to make 'PLEX in a container sold for less than it is worth in some obscure location’ seem like a good deal, rather than strange constraints with seemingly no other purpose than some kind of scam?

Anyway, hope you stick around! In the end ISK is just ISK.




Yes and do you agree?

@Sala_Mandra I can’t imagine having 20b isk, let alone lose it to some scammer. Ouch!
Once again as always, the adage “When something sounds too good to be true it usually is” never fails.

How does someone who’s been in Eve 9 years not know about these scams ? No sensible person transports PLEX or puts it in containers. I never cease to be amazed that people get ganked carrying PLEX, when there is absolutely no need to transport it as one has a PLEX wallet. Likewise I cannot see any non suspicious reason why PLEX would be in a container. The old ’ I have PLEX in a Raitaru I’m about to blow up’ scam has been known about for some time.

This is what makes Eve so uniquely magical. You can learn a real life lesson about being duped from this video game. Or you can just quit, I guess.

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Learning lessons entails the implicit acknowledgement of personal failure that needs to be corrected. If you never learn lessons, then you never have to admit that you were wrong about anything, or incompetent with regard to anything. Quitting is the correct choice, because then you’re always right, and only the other people are the bad ones.


Hahahahaha, thanks.

Well at least your finding humor in it.

Now you know.

*should have

Also, calling BS on it.

I would of called BS on that contract before accepting it. :rofl:

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“Should’ve” is a perfectly valid contraction of “should have”. It’s also phonetically closer to the incorrect form “should of”. Please have an actual correction next time you try to correct someone.

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Yet you never picked up on Would of…?