Selling market INTEL on twitch for ISK

I was wondering if it’s legal to sell INTEL of market for ISK through fx. twitch tv. I see it could be a good service for people living long away from the big trade hubs. And why I ask ISK for that. Well you do not need a billion for me to look up stuff. It’s more just for the fun.


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Selling intel for ISK is almost certainly fine however you do it. Rules around such things are usually only to prevent RMT, that is exchanging real money for in-game things and if you are asking for ISK for market info, you should have no problem.

But no one here can tell you that for sure. You will need to ask CCP directly and the mechanism for that is to submit a petition here:

Thanks for the link. I have contacted CCP and waiting for response. I will wait and see how it goes before doing my idea.

I agree with Black Pedro, the lines are only drawn to prevent RMT, ISK for ingame intel would be fine I would think. Make sure to broadcast what you’re up to, i’m curious.

But before investing in your business you should know that basic intel like cluster-wide near realtime prices of stuff is already available to everyone for free… checkout sites like:

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@Spyriaj @Black_Pedro

There is nothing that prevents your from going forward with your plan. Plack Pedro is correct, the rules are there to prevent RMT, not services like you’re trying to provide. However I’m not so sure that you will profit much from it as there are plenty of 3rd party websites that does exactly that, provide Market price information, these are:,, (if it ever gets relaunched) and there are most likely more.

So if you do want to make a profit of selling Market Pricing information then you will have to offer something they can’t, you’re more likely to make some profits by doing Station/Structure Trading or inter-region Trading

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