Selling plex for isk taxes

You sell me isk for real currency, then charge me sales tax on it when I sell it. The isk should be tax exempt, after all, it is your currency sold to me, and I am told it is legal to resell it. I did not pay tax on the isk, but I do if I sell it, you don"t have tax to recoup. To sell me something, then I sell it again, and you take it back. That is what is happening, and CCP sanctions the selling. It just seems wrong. Or am I missing something ?

This is RMT. Do not do this.


The taxes on plex selling is probably to your benefit if you just want to “buy isk from CCP” - it severely impacts traders that want to speculate in the plex price. On the other hand, those traders were mostly interested in driving the plex price up, not down…

You can avoid the tax by selling to contracts - there are lots of “want to buy” contracts for various quantities of PLEX. Be sure to read the contract carefully - some are scams.

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CCP sells you PLEX for real currency. PLEX is used for skins, services, and account time. You have the option to sell it for isk, but if you do so you are subject to taxes just like all other market goods. You can direct sell or contract sell to avoid those taxes.

Somebody has to keep CONCORD funded.

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