Do Trade Skills on a character affect the amount of isk received for selling plex? How about buying plex?

If I buy a lot of plex, and sell it to buy orders on the market in Jita, does the Accounting skills and Broker Relations skill give a boost to how much isk a player gets from selling the plex to players with open buy orders?

Are there ways to avoid a tax or broker fees? What i want to do is look up every contract that wants to buy plex and just fill it until the plex is gone, Does this have any fees?

Contracts have a 10k isk broker fee that the creator pays.

The price you see on contract is what you pay.

As far as broker fees in a station, those are what sellers pay when putting items for sale.

You need:

  1. Broker relations 5 to lower your fee % down to 1.5%
    *2. Faction standings at max reduces it further by .3%
    *3. Corp standings at max reduces it further by .2%

*fac/corp that owns the station. Ex: jita 4-4 Caldari State/Caldari Navy

You can avoid broker fees directly when selling by selecting "sell immediately "

Accounting skill reduces taxes when selling.

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