Broker fee

When i lower a price of my Plex i have to pay a broker fee of 12 perc of the chance i made. For example i was selling 117 Plex and i lowered the price with 40 mil i had to pay 5 mil for it.
This is kinda allot, because i also payed my fee when i first put the order up.

Trading costs, maybe try another station? Train skills? Join a Corp?

That’s built in, but thanks for saying that.

Where no one is there to buy the stuff? Good lick.

Better off selling the skills. Market skills are for market alts.

Make an alt?

Now to the OP: just make an alt with a referral, make a tax evasion corp, then train its skills to the brim. I recommend Perimeter trading centers for further tax evasion. But since it’s plex you can just put it anywhere in the Jita solar system that has the least tax and it will automatically appear in the inventory of the buyer.

Brokerage and relisting fees are lower in player owned stations and skills are less important when your starting with a brokerage fee of 1% instead of 5%. Even then, chasing the market is expensive. You can try selling in smaller markets that are less competitive or simply sell to buy orders - the buy/sell spread is quite narrow - less than 100K as I write this.

Co-Head of the United Standings Improvement Agency [USIA] here - among other things, we specialize in the lowering broker/relist fees of our clients.

That massive fee you are paying is called a relist fee. You will incur a relist fee whenever you change the price of any order (buy or sell). The relist fee is quite brutal - even a 0.01ISK change will severely damage your wallet, so you want to avoid relisting if you can. The best way to avoid relisting is to place a competitive offer to begin with (ie. don’t play the “penny game” - in general, you will usually want your offer to be significantly better than the current best on market, but whether or not you do this depends on trade volume).

Training the skills Broker Relations and Advanced Broker Relations will lower the relist fee. (Relist fee % is directly proportional to broker fee % - that’s why lowering broker fee % also lowers relist fee %.) At NPC stations, raising your corp and faction standings will also lower your broker/relist fees. (USIA can help you raise these standings - for more information, join the USIA Discord server.) Note that even at Upwell POSes with a 1% Broker Fee, the relist fee is brutal, so avoid relisting whenever possible.

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In market hubs, the issue is bots. They make their money on volume alone. Even if you price something competitively, they will instantly undercut you anyway. They do it almost to the point of buy order prices. So by effect it becomes almost impossible to sell your items via sell orders, because you will either be undercut every single time, or you will have to wait in perpetuity until the bot orders sell, and catch that time frame between when that happens, and when they’re replenished. And selling items in non-hub locations takes so long that it’s not really viable either.

I’ve even experimented with this, with items like skill books for example. I would get into a price war with a bot, and it would actually instantly undercut me even when I reduced the price of the skill book, in the market hub, below its university station NPC price. And then when I removed the order (or occasionally someone actually bought it), the bot order would jump back to the next highest undercut price, or its default marked-up price if there is no competition.

Even though the costs to list and relist are so high now, market botting is still as insane as ever.

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