Brokers relist fee

CCPlease, can we have a proper way of identifying the relist fee in our wallets, and make it visible through the API.

Its hard enough calculating profits through some 3rd party app, but without the relist fee also being a variable in the calculation its literally impossible to know what your profits really are. Or you could remove the relist fee because it ruins trading.


hows it ruin trading?? You can’t play the 0.01 isk game anymore?

He is asking for some API change or something.

You can find the relist formula here.

You can also find broker fee payments in the wallet under transactions. Unfortunately, it doesn’t distinguish between the initial brokers fee and the broker’s relist fees.

Personally, I wouldn’t worry about recording the exact fees paid. Instead, I would try to come up with a good estimate for brokers fees, relist fee rates, the expected number of times you will update your orders, and sales taxes, and then factor that into costs. Then you can set prices based on the assumption that you’ll be paying an average n% to fees and taxes.

he also asked for it to be removed cause it ruins trading.

They certainly turned trading into an unengaging gameplay, which is typical for CCP of the last 3 years. Instead of engaging in continuous market warfare for the top spots it’s now fire and forget. And if someone else undercut you, just set another small order and forget that as well.


Too be honest I would like my trading app to be able to pull the brokers relist fee from the API, because it is a big expenditure, and as Zhalyd said this whole fire and forget trading is also crap.

Having the brokers relist fee is insanely backwards on so many levels, look on smaller markets like Hek, Rens, Dodixie, they are utterly ruined by it.

I used to shop and trade in Hek back in the days and at least in those days one could find items there. Now its just abandoned (in comparison) and you have to go to Jita or Amarr, and you really need a JF.

If saying 0.01 is worse than setting your order down by 100.000 or 1.000 like it is today, is any difference, please point this out to me.

Market esi needs to be limted to one pull at downtime. Instead they give out of game botters 23/7 pulls. Insanity,

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If you are putting up market orders and forgetting them, or mindlessly playing the 0.01 game, i can see why you’re struggling.

The new approach to the market is to try and gauge what your items will realistically trade at. Get it right and you will relist them very few times. Get it wrong and you lose more isk.

This is the best trading has ever been. It’s the opposite of dumbing down the game, which is such a refreshing change for CCP.

That’s not what is happening at all. I can set my sell orders just above buy order price and people will still undercut me. Saying that you just chose the wrong price is the dumbest thing someone has ever said when it comes to trading in EVE. It’s akin to saying ISK doublers are legit.

Not to mention that the new system makes it impossible to respond to market developments elsewhere. Jita prices for item X have gone up 100%? Well, too bad for you in Amarr because you can’t increase your price as you will lose a big chunk of your profits to fees and you will get undercut right away anyway. And then you have to lower your price again to the original values which costs even more ISK.

This new system is fostering unengaging gameplay, nothing else.


That would suggest you should have just sold to the buy order.

Buy orders aren’t always below ‘value’. If i put up a buy order of 1billion for a warp disruptor II that doesn’t mean you come and put a sell order for 1.001billion. Not unless you think it’s a realistic trade price.

Oh yes, stupidly exaggerated examples to suit your narrative.

But you know what? Even with your stupid exaggeration, you gave a example for why this new system is only fostering unengaging gameplay. In the past, you could profit from such a stupid buy order if the market was emptied. You could sell WDs for a much higher price and lower your price according to new orders. Now, you can’t do that at all.

You can still do that now.

The difference is that you can’t (or shouldn’t) list your entire stock pile at such a price and just adjust the price as new orders come in.

Instead you have to try and gauge how many will sell at that price before new orders come in. And you’ll still get a few re-lists before broker fees become too much.

No matter how you try to look at it, the new system involves putting more thought into the orders you make. Bad for some yes. Good for others.

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