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I recently got back into Eve and to my horror discovered the relisting fees after 2 weeks of playing 0.01 game. Needless to say after hours upon hours of modifying orders I’ve probably lost a couple of billions, instead of actually making any ISK. As far as I understand this relisting fee is not something that has been added very recently, so I want to ask the community whether you feel this change has been good or bad.

Is there any indication how CCP feels about it - any plans to lower the fees perhaps? :pleading_face:

it is an isk sink. part of CCP’s relentless effort to take isk out of the game. same thing with all the transaction fee changes , especially the ones hitting industrialists now that they have dozens of additional transactions to complete a build.
in theory they say they are fighting inflation, in reality they are driving up prices while reducing the more common income sources such as ratting, market trading and mining.
if you want to make isk you have to ignore traditional EVE gameplay and spend your time in abyssals or tryglavian space.
welcome back

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Others can make it work just fine because they took the effort to learn what they should be doing and WHY. If you just keep doing what you were told to do back then yeah… it’s going to suck.


I am glad the 0.01 ISK game is gone. Good riddance man. The community had the people who cried when it was removed. People have changed and adapted. It was all hashed out in some mega forum they do. Trading has shifted from baby sitting orders. To working multiple trade hubs and exploiting niches in all trade hubs. People still make billions/trillions from strategically trading.

CCP has lowered the fees as an event before.


As a casual trader who sells his loot from PvE and PvP and time from time also stuff he buys cheap elsewhere and transfers to Jita, I am very satisfied with the removal of 0.01 ISK crap. Market now feels much more healthy and balanced.


Having standings with the corp/faction that owns the trade hub can reduce fees. As well as broker relations and advanced broker relations skills


If your Omega clone status drops so should your market orders drop off the regional market and be sent to a holding hanger lost and unclamed. Then the Omega status is required to be active before moving items out of the unclaimed holding hanger. Any unclaimed items will vanish after 90 days.

Babysitting market orders for those 0.01 decrements was playing the game like a bot. Be happy for the players that nobody has to do that boring crap anymore.


Its fantastic for those who trade properly and profitably.

Not true, it still works if you know what you are doing. It remains an option along with the other type of trading, such as hauling trading, long term trading, etc.


The relisting fee has made people unwilling to list items on the market. If it doesn’t sell, they lose isk, so they don’t list the item. Consequently, the fee has undermined markets outside of Jita, and most stations have nothing for sale.

It’s akin to passing a law that the grocery store must pay a tax if it changes the price of eggs, even if the eggs do not sell. A law like that would cause most stores to close.


They implemented that about two years ago… It’s part of Pearl Abyss’s agenda to monetize the game out of greed…

The relist fee was a move from ccp to promote their hyperfucknet BS.

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The market sort of looks volatile right now with the price of plex with that feeling of should I hold onto my isk or buy something with it.

Volitile? The price of PLEX is on the up, thats not volitile. Thats buy now or regret later

Well I see a sale coming around the corner.

I am following my own advise here to not blow all my isk on plex and just exchange what you need when I need.

Where you see a sale, I see a “whale”

Eh eh geddit

Well I logged in for a second and can see the last time I was buying up plex was when it was 3.6 now it is at 3.8 so I hold and look for a new buy in.

My rolling 30 day ave is very low right now but I am hoarding as I feel that the market is Volitile.

It’s great 0.01 isking is the most anouying thing in the world to someone who cant sit at a market for 8 hours a day because of time restraints.

But you can lower your relisting fees a crap ton if you don’t know already.

and I think it was up to 4.1 sometime recently as well, cant remember when thou.


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