Loosing isk on trade orders

Who thinks that station trade fees are to high?
100 mill profit net only in 30 mil real profit. And that if you not modify your orders.

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You are doing something wrong. Taxes are not 70%…

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what are your standings to the corp/faction of where you are trading… that can take some percentage off… also look at your accounting skill , to take some off of the sales tax… and lastly theres broker relations and advanced broker relations.

All trading skill at lev 5
Caldari navy standing at 0

Buy and sell marauder difference is 113mil, but with all broker fees and tax net me only 7mil in profit in the end and that with out modifying the listing. If i change the price even once I will loose isk badly. It makes no sense.
Question is standing increase will make a difference here?

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corp and faction standing together have a .5% decrease in taxes, if they are maxed out at 10 each unmodified.
10 is theoretically impossible and crazy expensive to even try. most traders that we have raised standings for, typically if they are moving billions of isk, they’ll get to 9 or 9.9… lower tier traders, typically try to get to 5.0 or 8.0 for corp and typically 5.0 for faction.
… my pc crashed so i lost the link to the calculator that was created by USIA to show you guys the difference in standings compared to broker/relist fees.

you can join discord.unitedstandings.org to request the calculator and they can help answer any other questions.

It is too high, right now with my almost perfect standing, with aggressive style undercutting I lost about 50% of profit to tax.

just curious is that near perfect standing with the faction and corp, or just the corp?

With both faction and corp

Wow. 50% loss with high faction standing. So yeah, for me 70% loss with no faction standing. I think is to much.

i’m assuming then its the sales taxes you guys are losing out on… cause the broker/relist fees really didn’t change, just the goal posts were moved.

my profit i already minus the tax, the 50% i was talking about is the relist/broker fee.

the broker/relist fee is just as low as it was for the tax break that we got.

Not really, it was like half of it during the tax holiday, also tax fee is about 1/3 :smiley:

Broker fees are massive in comparison to sales tax in their current situ of a free market.

Irl sales tax is generally around 20% while a broker fee for a commodity is a fraction of a %.

In eve sales tax is a magnitude too low and broker fee’s 2 magnitudes too high.

There are reasons to do so but the tl;Dr is with a fake currency like ISK CCP cannot afford to police or regulate the market regardless of sale tax level. If we traded in $ or plex and had a normal tax level it could be regulated.

Instead CCP in-organically steer the market with high broker low tax.

Also to note the markets in eve are artificial driven by a “the min’s I mine & the plex I buy is free”. Much of eve industry is unprofitable owing chiefly to '" the plex I buy is free" mentality.

Except the plex isn’t free. It was paid for by someone

What I mean is you have market traders not deducting the 1.2bn to 1.5bn isk it costs per account per month to obtain omega, as they have a subscription. They are brain dead, most 3rd party apps cater for them as most eve market tool creators are also smooth brains who set no Plex fee as standard.

So what you get is traders making horrific losses as they already choose to ignore a huge pcm loss as it does not sit well with their idea that they are a market genius. Industry types are even worse, go watch YouTube and see traders, miners/pi and indy types run huge -isk/phr set ups and call it profit

I guess the skills you train each month cannot be cashed out.

For the price of a Plex? no, no where near last time I checked. With 90 day orders combined with ghost farming in days of old, o.k.

I however do accept that even today you can factor skill extraction if you include extractor cost.

But noobs are complaing about sales and broker tax of 5% and 1% respectively. If you are a " Plex I sub is free " kinda dude then you’d need to be turning over at least 130bn ISK p.c.m per account before your views on broker fee or sales tax meant a dam.

With extraction factored in it costs about 100m per month to omega. Most people just put market alt on same account as something already plexed though. Either way it’s pretty negligible

By that logic his market fee is also negligible if being offset by his subscription.

You can’t moan about fractional market taxes while subbing 1.5bn isk pilots licences with real $'s each month.

The dude has an issue with botting & real time ESI pulls, not market taxation. He is just too dumb to realise that.

He’ll bite the dust & quit before even realising why, chalk another 1 up to the bots.