Best place to sell plex?

Hi Just wondering I have recently acquired some plex wondering where the best places would be to go about selling it? Also just curious besides buying premium items and selling it directly on the market Im assuming you could use plex in a trade as well?

Put it into your Plex Vault, then log in with an alt over in Jita 4-4. Then sell it to a remote order in Perimeter.

For your second question, no, you cannot use PLEX directly to purchase things (outside of some custom item exchange contracts). You can sell it for ISK and then use the ISK to buy items on the market.


PLEX can also be used in the New Eden Store in game to purchase skins or whatever.


trade discords are a thing and u avoid having to pay sales tax.

u can advertise in here for example:


Just dont do direct trading, only contracts. Direct trading will cause you to be scammed a lot.


I only asked about direct trading as I was gonna trade w some trusted friends yes Iā€™m aware of scams.

As long as you trust them, it should be fine.

But I would never be in a situation where i would be trading plex with isk with other players, even my friends. It makes no sense, when contracts are just better.

In every conceivable way, contracts are better.

I only use direct station trading with my alts. Why?

Because contracts are better.


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