SOLD :partyparrot: :partyparrot: :partyparrot: :partyparrot:


If you don’t have a discord or don’t want to use that, you can also reply to this thread if you’re interested. Bump.

Bump :partyparrot: :partyparrot: :partyparrot: :partyparrot: :partyparrot:

Still looking for a buyer. Can also break this sale into chunks of whatever amount you want.

still selling?

Yes, still have all PLEX to sell. Interested in all or just some of it?

If you have discord, send me a PM on there. In game mail may not be noticed right away.

Is your market value buy or sell? I could take it all at jitabuy

Sell, but I can go a few thousand under.

Still selling, BUMP :partyparrot: :partyparrot: :partyparrot: :partyparrot:

how much?

A few thousand iskies below Jita sell per plex (if you buy all at once), online now for a few more minutes

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