WTS PLEX 3,775,000ea

STOCK 34,500
JITA 4-4

A bit pricey.

There is always buying off the market for more <3

Still for sale!

Any cheaper? Ill buy 'em for 1mill a piece

If you buy all my stock i will sell @ 3,750,000. But thank you for your generous offer!

Still for sale!

Current jita
3.85 Million estimated sell value
3.65 Million estimated buy value

If you dont wanna buy them from OP. Stfu about his price. If i had my pc id buy some from the seller.

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Then you would be the definition of a bad market trader. Maybe you lost your pc in a trade?


lol okay buddy.

I’m never good at predicting plex prices. I’ll probably be sending you mails for plex at 3.8 some time in the near future :wink:

The way its going, probably! lol

can i get some plex? im a newbro btw

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