WTS 100m sub capital pilot pvp

Herro there! I’m selling this pilot.

  • Positive wallet
  • 1x Bonus remap
  • No Kill rights
  • 2.0 Security
  • Located in Jita

Starting at 70 bill. Closing the bet in 2 days to whoeaver reaches the highest bet in 2 days

Skill Tree Here (SKILLQ.NET)

FYI, the skillboard link doesn’t work.

fixed ty <3


I’ll offer 65B. I know thats under your starting, but that should be over extract value (correct)?

I will have to liquidate some plex so it might take a minute for me to gather the isk.

Oke so I think you won the bid! so you can transfer the risk to the pilot to begin the thing

Give me like 30 min. Just need to run to Jita and sell some of my plex.

Isk and account info sent.


Transfer complete. Just an FYI to everyone else, i never got the email confirming the transfer in progress. So maybe that is broken/bugged?