WTS 20M sp Vargur [SOLD]

Low SP Vargur pilot w/ T2 Tank, T2 Guns, good fitting skills
Burealis Koraka Skill & Standings Sheet (tools4eve.com)

Positive Wallet
No Kill Rights
In NPC Corp
Yearly remap available
Current Clone: +5 in slots 1-4 (In Dodixie)

Start: 18B
B/O: 21B

Minimum Bid increments 250M
Auction Ends September 2nd @ 1500 Eve Time. (11am EST TZ)

i will start at 15

Appreciate the offer, but I can skill extract and net around 13B, then sell the 5M sp dead head for probably 4B since I have a remap and +5 implants already.

yea i figured. also trying to get your post up again. looks like a great toon regardless

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am interested at bidding at 18B

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Thank you for the bid, I will give this until Sunday night (EST TZ)

Daily bump.

19B offer

Thank you, for your bid.
I’m actually let this run until Saturday morning EST TZ (11am) so 1500 Eve Time.
Minimum bid increments lets call it 250M.

Last bump, auction closes in a little under 5 hours

You have won, please send isk and account info and then i will start transfer

Just woke up, let me take a look at my account.

All good im cheating on Eve right now and playing Starfield. Just let me know when you send the isk and info. I’ll swap games.

Shall I transfer the money to this account of yours

hahah I just woke up, gimme like 15 minutes I will start the transfer

ok bro ty

I’m going to take a rest now. When I wake up tomorrow, I will be able to see my new account. lol

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Transfer started, id recommend editing your prior comment and removing your account name.

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